A Love Letter
6 March 2019 - Impact Hub Berlin

We all love a happy ending – when the princess is saved from her castle and marries prince charming. Or vice versa. This is exactly how we felt, after receiving a letter from one of our members, Shamala. It was the quintessential Impact Hub member story, the dream or hope of what we do here and what we work for is all worth it, and it reads like so…

“Serendipity – a word you often hear Nele Kapretz, the co-founder of Impact Hub say. It encapsulates my relationship with Impact Hub Berlin: it is serendipitous. I was introduced to Leon Reiner, another co-founder o0f Impact Hub Berlin, and after our first interaction, I had signed up to be a member – even though I did not live in Berlin. Very soon after, Leon asked me to mentor one of the teams on the F-Lane Vodafone Institute Accelerator for female Empowerment which is co- hosted by Impact Hub Berlin.

Serendipity – today, the team I mentored and I are partners in our work: I visited Mozambique because of the relationship that had formed and it is a case of upwards and onwards. Fast forward to half a year later, when an international Blockchain Hackathon was hosted at the Impact Hub Berlin. I entered my name, knowing it would be a great platform to learn more about using the technology for my project, Hanai. As the day approached for the weekend long Hackathon, I was reluctant, afraid of my lack of knowledge, and just generally was dragging my feet. I am so glad I showed up. As fate would have it, when we were all asked to pitch what we wanted to work on in a few sentences and see if teams formed around the idea, my idea of somehow engaging marginalised communities using a tool like blockchain gained the attention and three other lovely young men formed a team with me to see to the idea. We worked all weekend and ended up winning third prize, which got us a ticket to Shanghai and all the fame that comes with it:) More importantly, two of the lovely lads who approached me to work on the idea during the hackathon, continue to work with Hanai as an idea, Hanai as a concept. We formed a team which is now a team of five. And for that, I am thankful to the Impact Hub Berlin and will always be!

Moving into the future, as Hanai is now based out of the Silicon Valley with team mates in Berlin, France, London, Luxembourg, I will always, always, be grateful for the friendships that formed, the opportunities that keep coming my way, the chance to continue to contribute to the community, and for being such amazing peeps – thank you Impact Hub Berlin!”

Thank you dear Shamala, you added meaning to everything we do <3 #transitionteam