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Gaining access to long-term external financing often proves to be a high hurdle for impact entrepreneurs.

Investors in our Impact Investor Community focus their investments on impact ventures that are on the threshold of the "Valley of Death". This is the period in the life of a startup when it's already operational but hasn't yet generated revenue.

“Compared to other countries, impact investing in Germany doesn't seem to have established itself as a significant source of capital for social enterprises. At 5.8%, it only makes up a small proportion of the various types of financing secured by social entrepreneurs."
German Social Entrepreneurship Monitor 2020/21

Investors help impact ventures to enter their next growth phase. Our Impact Investor Community convenes pioneering investors who want to finance impact ventures and partner with them to tackle the most pressing social and environmental challenges. This is where money meets mission.

Entrepreneur Pitching to the Investor Community
Credit: Linda Schaeffler

Upcoming event

For the latest edition of the InvestorInnenkreis, we invited startups and investors from the DACH region to come together and create impact. 

On May 16th, 2023, six impact startups had the opportunity to pitch their innovative impact startups to our investor community and network. 

Stay tuned for future events!


Credit: möhrengrün

Is your impact venture looking for funding?

If you want to pitch on May 16th your startup should:

  • work on a tech solution in the field of Circular Economy;
  • be pre-seed to seed stage, and looking for EUR 100,000 to EUR 500,000 funding;
  • have been founded in the DACH region;
  • already have developed a first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with pilot clients;
  • Be ready to engage in one-on-one discussions with the right investors.


Photo credit: Hamdi Karakaya

Benefits for impact startups

  • pitch and receive direct feedback from experienced investors
  • network with other founders and potential partners
  • a chance to secure pre-seed to seed funding of 100,000€ - 500,000€
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The Impact Investor Community is made possible by our partners at Bethmann Bank.


Make your money matter

We're growing a community of impact investors made up of people ready not only to invest their money, but to partner with entrepreneurs at eye-level, and to jointly tackle the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our pitch events introduce investors to up-and-coming impact ventures three times per year, encouraging networking and collaboration. If you're ready to put your capital into the most exciting ventures driving the sustainable transformation of our economy and society, sign up now to receive an invitation to the next event.

Meet the ventures

Since 2019, we’ve introduced 20 impact startups to investors:

Want to learn more? Get in touch with Marlena Leonhard, Programme Team at [email protected].