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Tour our circular space

CONSTRUCTED AND OPERATED with circularity in its heart

Tour our creative space built and designed following circular principles and meet the inspiring community to learn about the important role of impact of entrepreneurship. Get to know our global network and learn more about our diverse activities at the intersection of social innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Opened in February 2022 on the site of the historic Kindl Brewery, our new workspace at the CRCLR-House is the result of a collaborative process and was planned, constructed, and outfitted following the principles of the Circular Economy – a fitting home for the new generation of entrepreneurs who are transforming our economy in service of people and the planet.

Where impact works

We offer two tour formats for groups of up to 12 people here at our inspiring, sustainable coworking space, built and operated with a circular economy approach.

During the tour, participants will learn about impact innovation, the role of impact entrepreneurs in tackling the greatest challenges of our time, and how our global Impact Hub network empowers changemakers worldwide. Further, we will take a closer look at our ecosystem activities here in Berlin:

➜ the power of community building and prototyping
➜ how our space design fosters creativity and collaboration
➜ how our innovation programmes and incubators help organisations to rethink their impact and impact entrepreneurs to scale

For more details, please refer to the presentation deck.

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