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Drive sustainable innovation by partnering with startups

Does your business keep up with fast-changing industry trends?

And, more importantly, is it enough these days to simply keep up in the face of complex social and ecological challenges?

Our community of innovation front-runners declares firmly: the key driver for innovation is sustainability and it’s not sufficient anymore to be up-to-date. You need to be ahead of the curve.

Achieve your sustainability goals

Has your company issued new sustainability goals? Do you believe innovation could play a pivotal role in transforming your organisation into a sustainability champion? Identifying innovative startups and working with them to develop new products and services that combine profitability with impact - this is how working with Impact Hub Berlin will help you to become an innovation front-runner.

Join one of our Ecosystems

Working from within an coporate institution often it is hard to stay in contact with the innovators on the ground. We offer ecosystem partnerships giving you the opportunity to become part of a growing community of startuops, entrepreneurs and experts in the field of Circular Economy, Sustainable Food, Green Technology and Diversity and inclusion

Benefits of the partnership

We are building Impact Ecosystems, providing the platform and support to connect all stakeholders needed to accelerate Inclusive and Sustainable Innovation. In the coming three years we will work with 100+ impact ventures to create innovation partnerships and scale their impact.

Uncover trends, innovations, and disruptions to turn inclusive & sustainable innovation into your competitive advantage

Support the most promising impact ventures and engage with hands-on entrepreneurs and innovators

Grow your visibility in the sustainability space and become a trusted partner to entrepreneurs & innovators

Work with ventures in your field and create innovation partnerships to accelerate your innovation agenda


Curious to know how we can help you solve your challenges? Talk to Janna at partnerships.berlin@impacthub.net. Talk to Janna