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Looking for insights on impact trends, or news from our community and programmes? Read our Impact Hub Berlin news blog for short, sharp stories about people changing the world, from our team and guest contributors.

Latest updates

21 November

Impact Hub Berlin has chosen and announced the fourth group of Circular Together participants, our early-stage Circular Economy Incubator. With the support of the Berliner Startup Stipendium, Impact Hub Berlin has been running the Circular Together Incubation Programme for the last two years and Batch #4 will be kicking off at the beginning of December 2022!
20 October

What is the Degrowth theory, and how could it potentially be used to reduce unsustainable economic growth? We explore how degrowth could be used to combat difficult global existential issues, and the theory relates to the circular economy.
13 October

Greenwashing -- coined by environmentalist Jay Westerveld in 1980s -- is a term used to describe false or misleading information about a company's sustainability or environmental practises. What does this look like in the real world? We explore how companies can knowingly (and unknowingly) be guilty of this harmful practise.
5 October

Berlins Soziale Unternehmen social finalists
In September the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises celebrated nine outstanding social enterprises with a proven track record of positive impact in and around Berlin. In partnership with Impact Hub Berlin and Social Economy Berlin, the Berlins Soziale Unternehmen award is the first of its kind, but hopes to encourage more of Berlin’s start-ups, ventures and enterprises to make social impact an important part of their growth. The event was held at our sustainable, circular co-working space and brought together members of our Berlin community to celebrate social impact and a greener future.
26 September

Members of our community joyfully posing for a picture in nature
Over the years Impact Hub Berlin has provided support, community, connection and more to changemakers dedicated to making the world a greener and more inclusive space. We meet some of our valued Impact Hub Berlin members across our ecosystems, and ask them about what makes our space and community so special.

A selection of our reports

Impact Hub Berlin 2020 Impact Report

We’ve always been driven by the idea that the world’s greatest challenges will never be solved by one person or organisation alone – collaboration is key. And the past few years – especially the last year – taught us three more important lessons about the impact business we’re in. We’re taking these learnings seriously, and are building on them to gear up for our Next Big Steps. Read on to learn about our impact in 2020 and our plans for the future we want to build.

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Zirkuläres Bauen in Berlin – Transformationsroadmap

The innovative field of circular construction in Berlin is populated by a variety of different actors. They pioneer projects, business models and practices that contribute to resource conservation and climate protection along the life cycle of building projects. The methodologies range from building designs in modular timber, to the conversion and re-use of existing buildings and the reuse of used components, to the high-quality recycling of building materials for other purposes.

Impact Hub Berlin was happy to be a co-author of this report in ‘Wissen. Wandel. Berlin.’ as part of the Circular City Berlin project.

Read the report
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Selected press

Our work, community and programmes have received local, national and international coverage. Don’t just take our word for it – read our selection of press clippings.

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