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Looking for insights on impact trends, or news from our community and programmes? Read our Impact Hub Berlin news blog for short, sharp stories about people changing the world, from our team and guest contributors.

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26 July

Impact Hub Berlin members celebrating with champagne
Innovators, entrepreneurs, and curious individuals of all kinds united at Impact Hub Berlin’s opening party under common themes – the desire to change the world for the better, connect with like-minded changemakers, and have some fun.
18 May

Berlin City
In Berlin – a place that continually reinvents itself – another seismic change is beginning to get underway. The city with so many strings to its bow, not least its melting pot of creative inhabitants, state-of-the-art innovations and alternative culture, is spawning a new generation of entrepreneurs determined to drive the transformation towards a circular economy.
11 April

Impact Hub Berlin Opens Doors
Impact Hub Berlin has opened its new 3,500m2 coworking space in Berlin-Neukölln to empower entrepreneurs and organisations to co-create innovative solutions for people and the planet. By supporting founders, corporate innovators and institutional changemakers to collaborate through incubators, programming and events, the new Impact Hub Berlin raises the benchmark for the sustainability and innovation ecosystem.
4 April

Circular Together
At Impact Hub Berlin, we know that the transition towards a circular economy is a non-negotiable strategy for ensuring a fair and sustainable future. That's why we put out a call for impact entrepreneurs working on circular economy solutions in Berlin to apply to our Circular Together incubator programme. Now we're excited to introduce you to the selected teams.
1 March

After months of hard work, the new Impact Hub Berlin - built and operated according to sustainable, circular economy principles - has opened its doors to our community of impact entrepreneurs.

A selection of our reports

Impact Hub Berlin 2020 Impact Report

We’ve always been driven by the idea that the world’s greatest challenges will never be solved by one person or organisation alone – collaboration is key. And the past few years – especially the last year – taught us three more important lessons about the impact business we’re in. We’re taking these learnings seriously, and are building on them to gear up for our Next Big Steps. Read on to learn about our impact in 2020 and our plans for the future we want to build.

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Zirkuläres Bauen in Berlin – Transformationsroadmap

The innovative field of circular construction in Berlin is populated by a variety of different actors. They pioneer projects, business models and practices that contribute to resource conservation and climate protection along the life cycle of building projects. The methodologies range from building designs in modular timber, to the conversion and re-use of existing buildings and the reuse of used components, to the high-quality recycling of building materials for other purposes.

Impact Hub Berlin was happy to be a co-author of this report in ‘Wissen. Wandel. Berlin.’ as part of the Circular City Berlin project.

Read the report
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Our work, community and programmes have received local, national and international coverage. Don’t just take our word for it – read our selection of press clippings.
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