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If you're seeking insights on impact trends or eager to stay informed about the latest happenings in our community, you're in the right place. Explore the media coverage highlighting Impact Hub Berlin's contributions and delve into our latest reports.

Impact Hub Berlin's 2023 Impact Report is out and it's 🚀! Check out some of the highlights:

🕶️ Geared the Ecosystem approach with entrepreneurial and collaboration pathways

✨ Collaborated on various activities with 6 corporate partners and 191 organisations

👏 Provided 9 programmes with 347 participants from 88 startups

📣 Hosted 90+ events leading to more than 1000 introductions

🎉 Received a bunch of awards and media appreciations for the sustainable co-working space

✅ Organised the first Impact Entrepreneurship Forum

A selection of our reports

Circular Economy Spotlight 2023

Image of the circular economy spotlight report

We are proud and excited to launch our first Circular Economy Spotlight – Focus: Retail. In this detailed report, we take a close look at circular developments in the retail industry. Highlights include:

  • Discussing the power of retail within the Circular Economy
  • Case studies from Miele and Zalando
  • How to run a circular experiment at scale
  • Startup spotlight exploring various innovative circular startups in different development stages along the whole value chain
  • Stakeholder map of the circular economy landscape in Germany
  • An in-depth look at German and European CE regulations
  • Trend statistics diving into key facts and figures
  • An exploration of Impact Hub Berlin’s CRCLR House — our space built entirely in circular principles
Access the report

Sustainable Food Trends 2023

We are excited to announce our latest report all about Food Sustainability trends! Food plays a central and critical role in shaping a sustainable, circular and regenerative impact economy. In our latest report we delve into how we can create new realities around how we make and consume food, and explore the current trends in the sustainable food industry, including:

  • How the agri-food systems in the DACH region are changing
  • The various trends affecting agri-food systems in the DACH region
  • A look at the many innovative start-ups making real change
  • Ways to strengthen local food ecosystems and cultures
  • Creative solutions that bring sustainability down to earth
  • Key facts and figures about the food industry
  • Areas of opportunity to create impact
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Sustainable Food Stakeholder Map

At Impact Hub Berlin we believe in radical collaboration and partnerships to enable innovation and impact at scale. As part of the worldwide Impact Hub network, we pride ourselves on being a locally rooted, globally connected organisation building an active community and a centre for impact entrepreneurship in Berlin and around. To enable, connect and inspire stakeholders in our local Berlin-Brandenburg ecosystem, we created a Stakeholder Map featuring the inspiring actors collectively transforming the current value chain into a circular, regenerative, interconnected food system.
It’s our pleasure to present you the 2023 Sustainable Food Stakeholder Map, showcasing the vibrancy of the Berlin-Brandenburg agrifood ecosystem. Dive in and meet the sustainable food stakeholders inspiring us right now with their impact and innovation.

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Impact Report 2022

Impact Hub Berlin’s 2022 Impact Report is out! Check out some of the highlights:

  • Opened CRCLR House, the largest Impact Hub in Europe built on circular principles
  • Teamed up with two new ecosystem partners: Miele and Rentenbank
  • Developed an ecosystem approach focused on Circular Economy, Sustainable Food, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Green Tech
  • Doubled our team, grew our space by 6x, and expanded our community from 125 to 470 members
  • Provided 11 programs including Circular Together and Feeding the City with 60% female founders, supporting 107 impact innovators and 64 ventures
  • Redefined growth and made bold strategic choices to bring more scale to impact

Check out our full report to learn more.

Access the report

Impact Report 2021

Cover of the Impact Hub Berlin 2021 Impact Report

Every step we take in the past leads us to where we are today, and 2021 was definitely the springboard for our dedication to the increased impact we have today! 

In 2021, Impact Hub Berlin: 

💪 Experienced 29% growth in our community with 132 new members

💪 Saw 40% of our members introduce or revamp products within their organisation

💪 Hosted 110 community events, including: Kaffee & Kuchen, Community lunch, and Meet the Changemakers

💪 Ran 15+ programmes and projects for partners like GIZ, British Embassy, Fraunhofer Institut, Bethmann Bank, and the Berliner Senat

💪 Offered 1000+ hours of support within our programmes

💪 Supported 156 teams and ventures in their entrepreneurial journey

Check out our full Impact Report for 2021 for all the details to find out more about our evolution.


Impact Report 2020

We’ve always been driven by the idea that the world’s greatest challenges will never be solved by one person or organisation alone – collaboration is key. And the past few years – especially the last year – taught us three more important lessons about the impact business we’re in. We’re taking these learnings seriously, and are building on them to gear up for our Next Big Steps. Read on to learn about our impact in 2020 and our plans for the future we want to build.

Read our Impact Report

Impact Hub Berlin on stage

Our team members are experts in impact entrepreneurship and venture building, impact partnerships, community and ecosystem building as well as in our focus topics of Green Tech, Sustainable Food, Circular Economy and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We have contributed to national and international business events and conferences and are available to speak at your stage as well.

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Selected press

Our work, community and programmes have received local, national and international coverage. Don’t just take our word for it – read our selection of press clippings.

Can one company save the World? | Leon Reiner | TEDxESMTBerlin

Our co-founder and managing director Leon Reiner shows what it takes to build a better tomorrow and why radical collaboration is the route that can take us there. He walks us through a framework of collaborative ecosystems and demonstrates how these have already helped us to take on the major challenges of today and can meet the challenges of tomorrow.


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For press, speaker and interview enquiries, please contact Alina Wagner at press.berlin@impacthub.net.

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