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Building new ecosystems in a changing world

In the natural world, ecosystems provide the environment and structure that organisms need to co-exist and thrive. The same is true in the impact entrepreneurship world: the environment and structure around you are deciding factors in whether your business sinks or swims.
Green tech ecosystem solution
Credit: Orora Tech

We’ve reflected on which impact topics our community can accelerate the best, and where our collective passion lies. Each of our ecosystems is a carefully curated community – a facilitated space, both physical and virtual, where different actors share a common purpose.

As a result, institutions, corporations, civil society, academia, and entrepreneurship get together to exchange, co-create, partner, and start and grow impact ventures. Every activity – whether an event, publication or programme – addresses the area’s challenges and transforms the whole ecosystem for the better.

Our impact topics

We chose to work on four impact areas: inclusion, food, circularity, and green technology. These are the themes that our community can accelerate best with our individual skills and collective passion. Do you have an affinity with one of our ecosystems and an interest in joining our community? Become a member