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Our founders aimed to create a company that they'd love working at – and they did a pretty good job. In our latest survey, the company scored 9/10 on how likely the team is to recommend working here. We're growing our team sustainably and are always happy to hear from people who want to put their skills and experience towards creating impact. Read on for more about Impact Hub Berlin careers.

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Anna Lässer


Martin Hobler


Leon Reiner

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Nele Kapretz

Our team

Serge Yamroz

Space Experience Team

Juli Sikorska

Community Team

Magdalena Starszak

Sales & Partnerships Team

Julian Preibsch

Consultancy Team

Izzy Ahrbeck

Community Team

Ekaterina Atanasova

Marketing and Communications Team

Stefanie Beig

Management Assistant

Tabea Meyers

Community Team

Harsha Jagasia

Consultancy Team

Janna Schlender

Sales & Partnerships Team

Alexander Tillack

Finance Director

Sascha Stremming

Space Experience Lead

Anna Rösch

Finance & Operations Team

Soledad Pons

People & Culture Lead

Clara Niedt

Consultancy Team

Sara Moczygemba

Consultancy Team

Marlena Leonhard

Consultancy Team

Héloïse Le Masne

Operations Director

Maaike Hoogstede

Community Lead

Felix Hauerken

Space Experience Team

Fabian Gampp

Consultancy Lead

Vera Kämpfer

Consultancy Team

Jaqueline Beiram

Marketing Lead

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Still got a burning question? For careers, internship or other hiring enquiries, our team is here to answer your questions. Soledad Pons, People & Culture Lead