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Sustainable Food Ecosystem

Food is the second largest startup industry in Germany, but at the same time is one of the biggest global contributors to carbon emissions and the loss of biodiversity.
Roots Radicals
Credit: Roots Radicals
"Instead of only focusing on sustainable production, companies are now also considering the sustainability of the products themselves. This serves as an exciting environment for a new food design ecosystem of companies, technology platforms, startups and dot-connecting industry organizations."
State of Green Business Report 2022
Planting vegetables

Our society is reliant upon complex food systems, which have developed over time to ensure that the greatest number of people have the easiest access to the cheapest goods.

While this has led to the growth of economies and of populations, the costs both to communities and to our natural environment have been vast.

On a rapidly heating planet, food loss and waste account for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, nutrition and health in communities still vary considerably depending on socio-economic status.

It's obvious to see that we need to change – and fast.


Berlin’s Social Enterprises of the Year 2022

September 2022
Every day, social enterprises in Berlin make an important contribution to making our city more inclusive, more equitable and more sustainable. With the Berlin Social Enterprise 2022 Awards, the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises honours outstanding social enterprises and makes their impact visible to all.

Social Economy Berlin: Social Enterprise Consultations

January-December 2022
Social Economy Berlin
You want to found a social enterprise in Berlin? Maybe you already have a concrete business idea and need help with legal and operational questions? Or perhaps you’re at the idea stage and would like support in getting your initiative off the ground? Alongside our partners at Social Economy Berlin, we can help you make…

Global Foodtech Accelerator

April - July 2022
Global Foodtech Accelerator
The Global Foodtech Accelerator is a programme of the Basque Culinary Center in collaboration with Impact Hub for advanced startups working on products/services that want to solve global challenges in food and sustainability.

Feeding the City

May - October 2022
A close-up of two pairs of hands holding a bowl of strawberries. A "Feeding the City" logo on top of the image.
Feeding the City, powered by Impact Hub Berlin and Bank of America, is a six-month incubation programme to support people who are passionate about creating sustainable food businesses in Germany that benefit urban communities and the environment. Our programme helps people with big ideas to make a change by growing their innovative food solutions.
Better Together Award Ceremony

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