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Green tech - Leveraging technology to create sustainable innovation

Our climate and environment are rapidly changing, and so must we if we are to mitigate the damage and ensure a liveable planet for future generations.

There is no other options than to take immediate action to reduce carbon emissions and repair our shared home. Although it’s far from the only answer, innovative technology can help us mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis and protect our natural environment.

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Key Activities

ImpAct Accelerator: Sustainable Food Systems

The Impact Accelerator helps impact entrepreneurs in the field of sustainable food systems design to scale their businesses. These entrepreneurs are taking their startups to the next level by joining a partnership-focused acceleration programme. Major social and environmental crises have accentuated the need for more robust food networks that foster resilient systems and food security in the face of increasingly volatile climate. Our food system needs rethinking and innovative approaches which is why we are looking forward to your impact projects!

Berlin Landing Pad

The Berlin Landing Pad programme aims to support collaborations and partnerships across entrepreneurial ecosystems internationally. The programme encourages businesses from around the world to engage with the ecosystem in Europe. The focus is on market entry and business set-up, alongside creating connections with potential partners, investors, and customers within the Berlin startup ecosystem.

The Berlin Landing Pad programme is funded by the European Fund for Regional Development as part of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Public Enterprises. The programme is implemented by enpact e.V. in partnership with Impact Hub Berlin, the Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, and Bosch Startup Harbour.

To create your own innovation program in one of these fields, contact our team. Janna Schlender, Partnerships & Sales Team