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Partner with us to create innovative projects and drive collective action

Our world is facing complex challenges that can only be tackled through collaboration. At Impact Hub Berlin, we are looking for sparring partners invested in inclusion and sustainability to take action with us!

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Accelerate your impact goals

Are you part of a corporation looking for innovative solutions to realise your sustainability, diversity and inclusion goals? With our ecosystems approach, we provide all the tools and initiatives you need to partner with ventures who will scale up your impact. 

Work with us to turn your business into a force for good. Inclusivity and sustainability can become your competitive advantage. If you share our commitment to creating meaningful change, we have the tools to make it happen.

"I feel very fortunate to be able to empower local impact entrepreneurs to solve the world's biggest challenges."
Nele Kapretz, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Impact Hub Berlin

Collaborate as a public partner

Are you an institution looking for partners who will help you solve the planetary challenges? Collaborate with us to create workshops, projects, accelerators and provide general support for sustainable and innovative startups.

Invest in a better future

Access to funding is often the most substantial barrier to a venture's success. As part of our Impact Investor Community, you can break that barrier and drive sustainability forward. The Community isn’t just an investment; it’s a commitment to meaningful partnerships with impact entrepreneurs in solving the greatest challenges of our time.

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Run a programme

Are you a company or institution interested in delving deeper into the world of sustainable ventures? Run a programme with us! Work alongside Impact Hub Berlin to produce and run community events, accelerator activities and be part of our collaborative coworking space with access to even more opportunities, support and likeminded innovators.

Partnerships for a sustainable future


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Other ideas about how we can help you solve your challenges? Talk to Janna at partnerships.berlin@impacthub.net.