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Impact requires collective action

Our world is facing complex challenges – challenges that can only be tackled through collaboration. At Impact Hub Berlin, we make collaboration happen.
We’re growing impact ecosystems that connect key players and stakeholders to accelerate inclusive and sustainable innovation. In the coming three years we aim to work with 100+ impact ventures to support them to build partnerships and scale their impact.

We partner with innovation units, Environment, Social and Governance teams, and strategic foundations who share our mission and vision. If you’re committed to contributing to any of our core ecosystems: diversity and inclusion, green tech, sustainable food, or the circular economy, we can work together to accelerate change.

"I feel very fortunate to be able to empower local impact entrepreneurs to solve the world's biggest challenges."
Nele Kapretz, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Impact Hub Berlin
Credit: jobs4refugees

Unleash innovation

We turn business into a force for good in close collaboration with public and private partners. Work with us to turn inclusive and sustainable innovation into your competitive advantage. If you share our commitment to create meaningful change, we have the tools to make it happen.

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Make your money count

Access to funding can be one of the most substantial barriers to success. That’s why we launched an Impact Investor Community. We’ve been building a group of passionate people ready not only to invest their money, but to commit to meaningful partnerships with impact entrepreneurs to jointly tackle the grand challenges of today and tomorrow. Our periodic investors circle events have already hosted more than 20 impact entrepreneurs, introducing them to seed investors ready to to help them achieve their goals.

A selection of our partners

Our ecosystem partners work with us to meet their impact goals and to build collective knowledge and expertise. Partner organisations are the co-hosts of our events, the co-authors of our reports, and our co-pilots in achieving impact.

Strategic partnerships

If your organisation has the means and the desire to run a strategic partnership, the ecosystems approach might be right for you. Do you want to accelerate ventures in green tech, sustainable food, inclusion, or circular economy?