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About Impact Hub Berlin

Impact Hub Berlin is part of the global Impact Hub network, made up of 100+ local impact communities. We are changemakers united by the core belief that entrepreneurship can change the world. Socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable businesses are how we shape a better future for people and planet. And we know that impact-driven people thrive when they are part of a collaborative ecosystem of innovators. So together we will get there, with trust, courage, and collaboration.


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“It’s not just about helping our partners and participants to create positive impact. We also work every day to better live our values as a team, whether through our working culture or climate commitments. One without the other is not how we roll.”
Héloïse Le Masne Impact Hub Berlin Team

A Global Network

From Accra to Amsterdam, Munich to Manila, Impact Hub has evolved into a rapidly expanding, diverse global network of over 25,000 members across 60+ countries. There are today seven Impact Hubs in Germany alone. Each community provides a wealth of innovative programmes, events, and cutting-edge content for changemakers. Step into any one of our Impact Hubs worldwide and immerse yourself in the local experience of a global movement.

Team and careers

We're a team of entrepreneurs, design-thinkers, storytellers, and doers committed to making a positive impact. With the support of global experts and freelancers who act as our mentors, trainers, and advisers, we address ecosystem-level challenges. Today, we're a small but close and growing team. If you share our mission and are ready for impact, then check out our opportunities to come aboard.

News and press

By sharing stories of the successes – and failures – of our community, we show what works and what doesn't when it comes to impact innovation. In addition to our blog, we publish occasional reports and case studies on ecosystem topics. Above all, we amplify the voices for change within our community.

Latest updates

30 November

The holiday season is a great time to reflect on how our purchasing decisions impact the environment and our society as a whole. Being a conscious consumer means reflecting on what you need and then choosing the people or businesses whose products and services reflect your own core values. That’s why we’ve put together this list of changemakers from within our community who offer innovative, sustainable, and inclusive products and services that have a positive social impact on our world. There’s plenty of fantastic sustainable gifts and ideas - take a look!
17 November

Sustainable packaging has taken many forms, from edible to biodegradable, and is an opportunity field that sparks creativity and innovation – it's also one we dedicated our most recent ImpAct Accelerator to! Today, we provide an insight into current packaging trends capable of providing solutions to environmental challenges and connect the dots on how the packaging sector will be shaped by upcoming regulations and market drivers.
5 October

Now that impact entrepreneurship is no longer a niche topic, but instead recognised as a central economic force for innovation and sustainability by Germany’s highest politicians, it’s time to take it to the next level and begin a period of new seriousness. With this impulse, our founder Leon Reiner opened the first Impact Entrepreneurship Forum – a day guided by goal-oriented attitudes and a solutions mindset.
31 August

Trends drive transformation and radical change. They are the undercurrents sweeping our work at Impact Hub Berlin and changemakers around the globe towards the future. Trends create new realities and knowledge of those trends can enable us to shape those realities. This is as true for sustainable food, as it is for circular economy, green tech or diversity, equity and inclusion — the other ecosystems that Impact Hub Berlin is helping to shape with our partners and ventures.
4 August

A group of zebras
This year the Impact Hub Berlin community celebrated the success of its very first ZebraCorn! This new super rare “species” can be classed as both a “zebra” and a “unicorn” – a startup that’s valued at over USD 1 billion and works to improve society and make a sustainable difference.

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