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The future is circular

The circular economy approach – one in which resources are reduced, reused, and repurposed instead of wasted – offers solutions to many of the challenges posed by production and consumption, while still allowing for economic growth.

Sustainability entrepreneurs have a key role to play (as we all do) in making circularity our new reality. We need innovative ideas for high-quality and accessible products and services that don't create waste. We support ventures that are scaling enterprising initiatives to drive sustainable consumption and production across fashion, food, technology, and more. Our programmes help these startups grow, and our events and publications help boost knowledge and connections within this key ecosystem.

Fields of Opportunity

There are a wide range of opportunities for positive change through innovation in the field of Circular Economy. At Impact Hub Berlin, we identified four areas with huge potential for new game-changing solutions.

Cutting the environmental impacts of the clothing industry

Reducing electronic waste and building longer-lasting consumer electronics

Cutting the environmental impacts of the construction industry

Creating packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly

Key Activities within this Ecosystem

Circular Together

Circular Together is a 6 months incubator that supports early stage Circular Economy startups. The program is funded by the Berliner Startup Stipendium and aims to prepare the startups for partner/investor readiness.

Matchmaking Formats

We actively organize matchmaking formats in the community, whether between co-founders, startups, investors, or corporations. We also organize an annual roundtable with key corporates active in the ecosystem.

Monthly Community Events

We take knowledge-sharing seriously and facilitate it through our monthly event series. Events can include everything from expert lectures and panel discussions to larger formats like hackathons.

Circular Economy Spotlight 2023

To identify main trends and opportunities within each ecosystem, we conduct qualitative research which results in regular reports.

Our brand-new spotlight delves into the retail industry and discusses its innovation potential within the Circular Economy. Check out in-depth case studies from startup partnerships with Miele and Zalando, trends and statistics, how to run a circular experiment at scale and an exploration of CRCLR House — Impact Hub Berlin’s circular space. Download Now.


Impact Incubator: Climate Tech

Climate Tech Incubator Impact hub Berlin
Impact Incubator – Climate Tech is a seven-month incubator for Climate-tech solutions. Purpose-driven, technology-led founders need meaningful support and partnerships in order to contribute to a more sustainable and less wasteful society. Impact Incubator is where founders unlock their full potential. We support early-stage impact entrepreneurs with stipends and tailored business coaching, giving them the…

ImpAct Accelerator!

Are you a passionate impact entrepreneur dedicated to addressing sustainable packaging? Are you ready to take your startup to the next level by joining a partnership-focused accelerator programme? The ImpAct Accelerator is here to help you scale your business!

Berlin’s Social Enterprises of the Year 2022

September 2022
Every day, social enterprises in Berlin make an important contribution to making our city more inclusive, more equitable and more sustainable. With the Berlin Social Enterprise 2022 Awards, the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises honours outstanding social enterprises and makes their impact visible to all.

Social Economy Berlin: Social Enterprise Consultations

Social Economy Berlin
Do you want to found a social enterprise in Berlin? Maybe you already have a concrete business idea and need help with legal and operational questions? Or perhaps you’re at the idea stage and would like support in getting your initiative off the ground? Alongside our partners at Social Economy Berlin, we can help you…

Circular Together

January - June 2023
Circular Together
Circular Together is a six-month incubator for circular economy ventures that puts partnership-readiness at its core. Purpose-driven founders need strong partnerships in order to solve the greatest challenges of our time. Circular Together is where they unlock their full potential. We support early-stage Impact Entrepreneurs with stipends and tailored business coaching, giving them the space,…

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Ecosystem Partner

As of June 2022, Miele became a Circular Economy Ecosystem partner to develop innovative solutions for individuals and the environment. Miele and us are learning from each other and promoting innovative startups and projects. As Richard Green, Miele's VP Brand and content, puts it:

"As a global brand, we believe that innovation and collaboration will need to go hand in hand to create a more sustainable world. When Impact Hub Berlin approached us about joining their program, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to work with entrepreneurs on their vision for the future. At Miele, we have long focused on longevity and the idea of "Immer Besser" - constant improvement. We think our company’s commitment to this topic, combined with the innovative Impact Hub Berlin mindset, can and will unlock ideas and solutions that will make a difference in the world."

To create your own innovation program in one of these fields, please get in touch with our team. Janna Schlender, Partnerships & Sales Team