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The future is circular

A circular economy turns resources into products that can be reused, repurposed, and eventually recycled – and only if they have to be used in the first place. On a global scale, this approach can reduce the massive stress placed on our planet by our current linear ‘take-make-waste’ system, bringing down carbon emission levels, and making for a healthier, happier world.

Impact entrepreneurs have a key role to play (as we all do) in making circularity our new reality. We need innovative ideas for high-quality and accessible products and services that don't create waste. Hence, we work with ventures that are scaling enterprising initiatives to drive sustainable consumption and production across fashion, food, technology, and more. Our programmes help them to grow. And our events and publications help grow the knowledge and connections within this key ecosystem.

Credit: OpenFunk

Walking the talk

Our new Impact Hub Berlin space is being constructed according to circular economy principles. By doing this, we'll offer a fitting home for the new generation of entrepreneurs who will change the way our economy functions.

All materials are either reused or reusable wherever possible. Similarly, interior fittings can be largely dismantled in the event of a change of use.

Fully sustainable facility management, from 100% renewable energy to a minimum waste ethos.


Berlin’s Social Enterprises of the Year 2022

September 2022
Every day, social enterprises in Berlin make an important contribution to making our city more inclusive, more equitable and more sustainable. With the Berlin Social Enterprise 2022 Awards, the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises honours outstanding social enterprises and makes their impact visible to all.

Social Economy Berlin: Social Enterprise Consultations

January-December 2022
Social Economy Berlin
You want to found a social enterprise in Berlin? Maybe you already have a concrete business idea and need help with legal and operational questions? Or perhaps you’re at the idea stage and would like support in getting your initiative off the ground? Alongside our partners at Social Economy Berlin, we can help you make…

Circular Together

March – August 2022
Circular Together
Circular Together is a six-month incubator for circular economy ventures that puts partnership-readiness at its core. Purpose-driven founders need strong partnerships in order to solve the greatest challenges of our time. Circular Together is where they unlock their full potential. We support early-stage Impact Entrepreneurs with stipends and tailored business coaching, giving them the space,…


Circular Construction


As part of the CiBER project "Circular City Berlin – Pathways from Potential to Implementation", a transformation roadmap for circular electrical and electronic appliances was developed. It displays how the idea of Circular City Berlin can be advanced in the area of electrical and electronic equipment. Check out the full report  

Support an ecosystem

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