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A more inclusive future

In the face of unacceptable levels of inequality at both a local and a global level, we must transform how we think about social, economic and political equity.

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A society that does not create belonging for all its citizens is no kind of society. Throughout history, marginalised groups have been and still are oppressed, underrepresented, and – whether consciously or unconsciously – discriminated against.


Whether by creating new products or innovative services that ensure nobody is left behind, impact entrepreneurs can help build a more inclusive future. The only way a just, sustainable society can be realised is by including everyone in its design.


Building and hosting a community around the topic, we connect people and organisations working on inclusion, belonging and anti-discrimination. Together, we want to learn from and with each other, identify blind spots and challenge ourselves to become more inclusive as organisations, as a community and as a society.

Fields of Opportunity

There are many challenges to be addressed when talking about inclusion, diversity, equity and access. They are all equally urgent and important. At Impact Hub Berlin, we have identified four areas of opportunity in which a lot of our members are active and where we can contribute support through our network, programmes and access to finance. We do understand that all areas are intersectional. We realise that we have blind spots as individuals and with that as an organisation. Therefore, we are continuously learning, exchanging ideas and welcoming challenges from experts and partners. The four areas we are focusing on for now are:

Reducing inequality based on gender and empowering individuals who identify as female

Creating accessibility and equity with and for people with visible and invisible disabilities

Creating opportunities with and for people with migration & refugee stories

Strengthening an accessible, inclusive and equitable democracy where everyone belongs

Key Activities within this Ecosystem

Digital Imagination Challenge Finale
DIC Final Pitch 22.11. Ablaufplan

Digital Imagination Challenge

Together with Unity Media and Sozialhelden, we launched a search for new solutions to the problem of digital inclusion. DIC is a support programme for teams that invites innovators to dismantle digital barriers and create technologies that make the power of digital technologies more accessible to everyone.



F-Lane is a five-week accelerator for impact-driven entrepreneurs who want to ensure that women and girls play a leading role in shaping the future. There is an urgent need to create gender-inclusive technology and to promote womxn’s participation in education, workforce, entrepreneurship, leadership, and, ultimately, digitalisation. The accelerator was designed and implemented by us, and we are now serving as board members.

Credit: jobs4refugees

Startup Migrants Workshop

Together with Startup Migrants, we hosted a workshop for people with migration and / or refugee stories interested in founding a business in Germany. Participants got valuable insights from the Berlin senate department and our members in Jobs4refugees, received an overview of the (social) startup sector and built their first pitch decks together.

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