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Help to grow an ecosystem

For an ecosystem to grow, it needs space, time, and resources. Societal and ecological challenges are always part of a complex system. Problems like plastic waste in the oceans, food shortages, and unsustainable supply chains are highly interconnected across various industries, countries and jurisdictions. That’s why we need to work together.
Better Together Award Ceremony

By combining a diverse community, a space for exchange, and curated programmes, the ecosystem approach enables high-impact ventures to create innovations on a systems level, become partnership-ready and develop sustainable business models.

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We work with partners who are committed to expanding the knowledge, skills, and impact potential of ecosystem ventures. With your support, we can implement a three-part approach to make impact happen.

Our solutions

  • Trend research
  • Ecosystem-mapping
  • Venture-scouting

  • Venture stipends
  • Networking
  • Annual conferences

  • Prototype funds
  • Accelerators
  • Partner and investor matchmaking
“When citizens, entrepreneurs, everyone joins hands, then we’re able to make miracles happen."
Sowmya R. Reddy, Legislative Assembly, Government of Karnataka

Some of our partners

Team member Leon Reiner
Intrigued by what an ecosystem partnership would look like for you? Let's talk. Leon Reiner, Co-Founder & Managing Director