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The New Impact Hub Berlin

Opening Soon!  
With our partners LXSY Architekten and TRNSFRM, we’re hard at work prototyping, renovating and hustling, to co-create the CRCLR House – a site built and operated according to sustainable, circular economy principles. This will be a space where you can connect with other innovators, attend inspiring events and access the resources needed to grow your impact. With 25 team offices, maker spaces, a café and rooftop greenhouse, it will be Europe’s largest Impact Hub to date.  
Credit: LXSY

More Space for Impact

Since 2014, we’ve run Impact Hub Berlin’s community, coworking space, and consultancy for sustainable and social innovation from our Kreuzberg home. Having grown our local community to over 200 entrepreneurs and supported the growth of hundreds more impact ventures through events, accelerators, and hackathons, the next exciting chapter is now on the horizon – a new home with more space to create impact.

We’re excited that our implementation partner for the interior space design again is LXSY Architekten, the architectural firm that won the German Design Award for their work on our current space.

Want to be one of the first occupants of one of our 100+ desks upon opening?

Credit: LXSY

Why are we taking this step now?

We’re convinced that to build back better after the pandemic, we need to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs – one that focuses on creating a future that works for all. Our ambition to change the economy for the better in the long term can only be achieved if we offer more space to inspire, connect and enable an even larger number of innovators. For more on our mission and vision,

Brewing change

We found the right home in the right environment at the Kindl Areal in Rollbergstraße in Berlin-Neukölln. The Kindl Areal is already home to a number of sustainable and socially-oriented organisations, including CRCLR, whose purpose is to drive Berlin’s development towards a circular economy – one in which resources are reused and repurposed instead of wasted.

Over the past few years, the CRCLR team has played a central role in planning the conversion of the former Kindl warehouse, known as the CRCLR House. This building will soon become the new home of Impact Hub Berlin, and will serve as a lighthouse project for circular architecture and sustainable operations.

Where impact happens

A home for our ecosystems

We’ve also sharpened our thematic focus in line with this next big step. From this year on, we’re focussing on supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in four key ecosystems: diversity and inclusion, sustainable food, green technology, and the circular economy. Each of these impact ecosystems comprises events, publications, innovation programmes, and – of course – our local and global community of changemakers.

Be Part Of The Change

Building on seven years of experience enabling impact entrepreneurs, we’re looking forward to putting all our learnings into action and writing the next chapter of Impact Hub Berlin. And we want you to be a part of it! If you’re interested in coworking or digital membership, then sign up today, or contact our team if you have specific questions.