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Entrepreneurship can change the world

In fact, it already has – many times over. And now a new generation is ready to take up the baton. People like you and us – driven by having a positive impact on the planet and its people – thrive when part of a collaborative ecosystem of innovators. We’re convinced that creating businesses that are socially, environmentally and financially sustainable is how we shape a more equitable future for people and planet. This is our vision at Impact Hub Berlin.
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Our mission

Our aim is to provide impact-driven entrepreneurs like you with tailored support, a collaborative coworking community and connection to our growing global network. With this combination, you can realise, develop and scale your impact. The values that guide our mission are trust, courage and collaboration. We trust that you’ll be courageous, and collaborate with us too.

Our theory of change


Building a collaborative community of people and organisations,
Offering on- and offline infrastructure for coworking and events,
Developing and delivering business accelerators and innovation programmes,

We leverage the power of collaboration and change on a societal level, introducing validated impact innovations into real environments.

Through their engagement, the members of our community specifically improve:

– Business, leadership and impact management skills,
– Financial literacy and access to funding,
Connections to effective mentors, partners and a wider network,

Enabling them to co-create, accelerate and scale innovative solutions for people and the planet.

Our impact

“Ok, sure,” you might ask. “But does it really work?

Our team has decades of experience in supporting impact entrepreneurs and innovations to thrive. We’re constantly trying new things, failing forward, and honing our outputs to achieve more impact. And (at least) once every year, we ask our community if we’re on the right track. You’ll find some key insights and stories in our annual impact report. Let us know what you think.