Impact Hub Berlin Tribes

Impact can’t happen in isolation. It takes a gathering of people around a shared concern to amplify an idea to the point where it morphs into action.

At Impact Hub Berlin, we call these gatherings our Tribes.

Impact Hub Berlin Tribes are collectives of social innovators and knowledge experts who band together to strengthen their cause, share experiences and generally up the ante.

Whether through regular meet-ups about health or gender equality, workshops on up-cycling or support sessions for sustainable finance, all Tribes make use of Impact Hub Berlin’s community-building toolbox, receive outreach support and of course have access to our physical space to come together.

Meet the Tribe Ambassadors

Blockchain for Social Good

The Blockchain for Social Good Tribe explores how blockchain technology can be applied to foster positive change.


Tribe Leader: Ricardo Amaral

Partner: positive blockchain

Career Happiness

The Career Happiness Tribe empowers you to build the courage to create true career satisfaction. Each event explores how to build a career that connects with your passion and brings you joy and a healthy work-life relationship.


Tribe Leader: Niv Nobacht

Partner: A Professional Guide to Career Happiness

Circular Economy

The Circular Economy Tribe creates an open invitation to anyone wanting to connect with others in the circular economy space. Professionals, startups, enthusiasts and curious people – all are welcome! The Tribe has rotating topics for each event, where you can bring your questions and challenge them.


Tribe Leader: Paul Anca

Partner: Circular Berlin

Digitisation & Health

The Digitisation and Health Tribe addresses two key, challenging topics. These are: the latest eHealth products powered by AI and other cutting-edge technologies, and the effect of the digital transformation on our mental health and environment.


Tribe Leader: Anabel Ternès von Hattburg

Partner: Get Your Wings

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Future Living

The Future Living Tribe invites discusses the visionary ideas and concepts for more liveable cities and rural communities. Formats include the Stadt, Land, Work Meetup and Berlin Debates.


Tribe Leader: Lena Buck

Partners: Berlin Debates /

Stadt Land Work Berlin Brandenburg

Gender Equity & Social Justice

Gender is on everybody’s minds. It connects and it separates us. We all have a story related to it. The Gender Equity & Social Justice Tribe aims to open up the dialogue on gender equity, equality and their impacts on how we experience the world, in a casual, non-intimidating way. They invite everyone to join in the conversation and listen to the experiences of others with an open mind.

Tribe Leader: Flavia Ladino


Lobbying for Social Good

The Lobbying for Social Good Tribe aims to find pioneering, systemic solutions to societal problems, to strengthen social entrepreneurs and to promote social innovations at a political level.


Tribe Leader: Sabrina Konzok

Partner: SEND e.V.

Sustainability Discourse

The Sustainability Discourse Tribe hosts open discussion of the multi-faceted aspects of sustainability. From individuals to business and government policy, the Tribe explores the interdependency of these areas, aiming to find out how our generation can meet its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.


Tribe Leader: Will Baker Morrison

Partner: Sustainability Discourse Berlin

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