Our Tribes

One singular person has never achieved social change on their very own. It takes gathering people around a shared concern to amplify an idea to the point where it morphs into action. At Impact Hub Berlin we do this by way of our Tribes.

Impact Hub Berlin Tribes are mini collectives of social innovators and knowledge experts who banded together to strengthen their cause, share experiences and generally up the ante. Whether regular meet-ups about health or gender equality, workshops on up-cycling or support sessions for sustainable finance, all tribes can make use of Impact Hub Berlin’s community-building toolbox, receive outreach support and of course have access to our physical space to come together.

Storytelling & Design 

Effective storytelling is vital for getting the message of your social business or NGO to the right audience. And it’s not easy. But worry not as this Tribe is here to help advance social and environmental causes through engaging visuals and impactful use of text.

Blockchain for Social Good
The Tribe aims at acting as a knowledge sharing platform between Berlin’s technology and social impact communities about blockchain projects that promote positive impact.

Digitization & Health

Technology is affecting all areas of health and causing change both in cause and cure of what ails us. This Tribe aims to address two key challenging topics: the latest eHealth products powered by AI and assessing digital transformation in regards to mental health and our environment.

Data Science for Social Good

Big and small data is shaping all aspects of 21st century life and this of course includes social entrepreneurship. This is the Tribe dedicated to helping non-profits and social ventures think through how they can use data in their organisation.

Inner-Outer Transformation

In the ever-harder quest to focus, pay attention to what matters and align personal conviction with ones actions it is essential to take extra care in how we go about doing any and all of it. This Tribe aims at developing a culture of transformation emerging from the integration of aware personal development with conscious societal and environmental activism.

Financial Inclusion Roundtable

As money continues to be a major force in this world of ours, we need to talk about financial inclusion. And this Tribe does that. It brings together people from the field to stay up to date on recent developments, share experiences as well as challenges and success stories.

Defining The Next Decade

The future is always uncertain, but that has never stopped bright minds from takings action. This Tribe is all about collecting and sharing ideas that are shaping the next decade of positive change in cities around the world and show how individuals can get involved.

Lobby For Good 

Sometimes someone somewhere has hacked the issue already and their solution could greatly benefit another. This Tribe aims at finding, creating and fine-tuning such pioneering, systemic solutions to societal problems, to strengthen social entrepreneurs and to promote social innovations.

Make Berlin Circular!

The economy will not truly become circular if professionals, start ups, enthusiasts and curious people don’t come together! This is an open invitation for anyone wanting to connect with others in the circular economy space. This Tribe meets every month and has rotating topics – questions and being challenged are encouraged.

Upgrading Democracy

The Tribe aims to create the next versions of our democratic systems (city, state, national, regional, global levels), which are adapted to the present and the future (not the final, best ever version, but the next ‘better’ version). The intention is to connect engaged individuals and existing initiatives, whilst exploring innovative methods to change mindsets and levels of consciousness to create wholly new democratic systems.


Few topics have been as divisive as that of who has the right to be where creating fierce debates that shape realities of migrants. This Tribe aims at changing the narrative around migration from a problem into an opportunity by collaborating with migrants and migrant entrepreneurs.

Sustainability Discourse

Facilitating open-discourse on the multi-faceted aspects of sustainability. From individual practitioners to business and governmental policies, this Tribe seeks to explore inter-dependency, to better inform and find out how the current generation can meet its needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

How do we want to live in the future?

Utopias have long since driven innovation and propelled humankind forward. This Tribe discusses visionary ideas and concepts for more live-able cities and rural communities at formats like the Stadt, Land, Work Meet-up and Berlin Debates.

Happy Career

Happy Career Tribe asks for courage and confidence to build and hold an attitude that allows you to be mindful and get things done. We will empower each other to build and foster the courage to create true career happiness. Together we will explore your full potential and connect your mind to your heart for creating a life driven by passion and purpose.