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Circular Together Announces Batch #4 Participants

Out of hundreds of applications, the Circular Together programme team and advisory committee have selected 14 startups to participate in the six-month-long incubator. The selection team is composed of the core Circular Together team, along with a guest advisory board, who individually met and evaluated each team.

The guest advisory board consisted of: Marc Weissgerber (Bauhaus Earth), Richard Stechow (BMI Lab), Dina Padalkina (Circular Berlin), Frieder Söling (Nochmall GmbH), Jonas Hüther (Miele), Lennart Schowe (Miele), Leonhard Nima (Studio Nima), Marianne Kuhlmann (Circularity), and Tobias Jänecke (Circular Berlin). 

They made their decisions based on four key elements: team compatibility, product/service, market, and programme fit. 

What is in it for the selected teams?

During the six-month incubation period, the Circular Together participants receive tailored mentorship covering a broad range of topics from impact-driven business models to fundraising, from pitching to partnerships and partnerships models, from impact assessment to prototyping, and so much more!

In order to help teams fully focus on their business ideas, the programme provides a €2000 monthly stipend for six months, along with access to the coworking space at Impact Hub Berlin – the largest campus in Europe for sustainability. 

Selected startups will also have the opportunity to engage with the 24,000+ strong global network of innovators as well as crucial ecosystem players, partners, and investors focusing on the topic of circularity.

Overview of the selected teams

Cardino EV is building an asset-light digital EV trading platform, enabling private sellers and professional dealers to connect and trade on data and analytics – ensuring EVs stay on our roads as long as possible.

The Circular Family app provides companies with a platform to more sustainably care for the complete lifecycle of their products. Specifically, we are focused on extending the lifetime of household appliances, in line with European Union Right to Repair mandates and also support ‘stiftung ear’ and ‘ElecktroG’ regulations in Germany.

The design project / clothing brand focuses on the values of traceable and local linen textile production in Europe. With an aspiration to create sustainable and circular products of lasting quality, made using the finest craftsmanship and collaboration to embody effortless aesthetics, simplicity and timelessness throughout the garments.

Dry’N’Spare is a low-tech, affordable device which facilitates reducing the total mass of food waste through dehydration process.

Houmuz incentivises restaurants to adopt devices for composting their food-waste and create the market in which the resulting fertiliser can be sold (e.g. connections with the local farmers).

Moveit together is a platform offering the option to resell and buy second hand and recycle furniture.

Qubitkidz is a social enterprise dedicated to develop creative solutions by repurposing plastic waste. By using a 3D printed plastic adapter, mass-produced glass and plastic is transformed into green panels, storage structures and eco-design objects. 

Realsight makes building operations circular. Realsight extracts information using AI from documents as well as smart meter data to monitor and provide actionable improvement suggestions that reduce waste.

Satoornik is a scientifically/tech-based umbrella for all the activities in the field of microplastic pollution in water, air, and soil. The laboratory-tested prototype addresses the separation of microplastics, less than 5 mm in size, from polluted waters, and separates over 99% of major microplastics types found in the environment.

Fashion’s first B2B marketplace for sustainable & traceable materials. Satori.earth is first one-stop shop for sustainable and materials sourcing globally in fashion. 

SkoneLabs are building IoT devices that can monitor food quality and estimate the spoilage when installed near unpacked food (e.g., fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products). It can be at the storage facilities, at various stages of food processing, supply chain and at the retail store. The IoT device tracks temperature, humidity, and eight additional variables of the food to determine the quality and products of the spoilage.

Square the Circle offers small and medium enterprises access to three main science-based products/services: first, education materials about the implementation of circular design strategies during product planning and development; second, a research-based methodology for companies to formulate and implement their circular design strategies; and third, a digital tool to benchmark their strategies against existing ones.

SmartSink combines digital pumps and flow metres to enable real-time monitoring, redirecting, and re-circulating water for a second life, and analyse and optimise water use and recycling.

Urban Heat Studio is a creative laboratory for hotter cities in the future.

The studio stages participatory interventions to pursue more bold action and design structures, processes and services that contribute to adaptation for all residents. 

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