Our Upcoming Trainings – Impact Hub Goes Back to School!
5 November 2015 - Impact Hub Berlin

We’ve created a new educational partnership between Traincrowd.de & The Changer! 

Photo credit: Alexandra Kovbasko

The Berlin social innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem is starting to come of age. The Changer just launched their 2.0 platform, we’ve rolled out our new global membership, and new startup Traincrowd.de is on a mission to offer quality trainings at a lower price. Combined, we’re proud to announce a new educational partnership bringing all our best qualities together.

Besides curating a strong community of talented entrepreneurs working to create social impact, we’ve been offering event space for people and organizations including Transparency International, eBay, the Grameen Creative Lab Global Social Business Summit, and Stanford University School of Design Thinking amongst many others. It’s great to grow such a community and collaborate with global organizations. It’s even better to create new learning and connecting formats that can help not just accelerate our community, but also the greater innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

What we noticed was a growing need in our community to offer members even better educational content. What we noticed in the greater ecosystem was an opportunity to connect local players in a more purpose-driven way. We love our weekly community events where we gather around, drink coffee, cook a meal together, or have a glass of wine at the end of the week. What we love even more is bringing people together to not just meet, but to also collectively learn.

How often have you wasted your time in workshops that didn’t really have an impact on the work you were doing?

How often have you had a workshop cancel with just one participant- without even being informed about it?

How often have you sat in a workshop thinking “this is way below my standards?”

Now, with the reach of The Changer and their new site, the innovative online platform of traincrowd.de and the offline community and space at Impact Hub Berlin, you can be sure you never have to worry about any of these questions again. Take a look below at our offerings over the next six weeks. Finally, get in touch if there’s any content you’d like to see us program in the future.

Onwards and upwards, to future learning!