Meet our Health & Digitization Tribe
4 July 2019 - Maaike Hoogstede

This year we have launched many partnerships with different ambassadors to create our Tribe concept, which is a platform for thought leaders and topic specific community members to run workshops, talks, meet-ups and consulting sessions from our Impact Hub Berlin space. Today we’d like you to meet our members Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg and Astrid Salomon who run the Health & Digitization Tribe!

1. Your Tribe in a nutshell: Health & Digitization informs about latest trends, discusses challenging topics and groundbreaking ideas as well as things which enriches our everyday life. Anabel and Astrid come from different poles, digitization and health, but share the same values, perspectives and the same idea, that the combination of digitization and health is groundbreaking for the humanity and how we proceed as humans in the digitalised world.

2. Your Tribe exists because… With our events, we want to provide impulses, stimulate discussions and talk about important information with exciting people for a broader public. When Anabel and Astrid first met, we discussed how digitization changes the daily life – how much we profitize from it and how much we have to take even more care about ourselves and our relationships. Digitization changes so much, every day and it‘s important from our perspective that you not only live digitization, but also understand the background, the further impact, what chances and challenges it contain for everyone.

3. What has been a particular highlight so far?  The interest in participating in our events is great. We are currently organizing the next exciting events. Be curious!

4. What does Impact Hub mean to you? Impact Hub is a great one-of-a-kind platform and gathering place to network with like-minded people in order to be inspired, communicate, and grow together in conversation.

5. In three-and-a-half-years time your Tribe will be….  … well known for first insights into exciting innovations, for a good support to be even fitter, more relaxed and motivated in everyday life and as a platform to exchange ideas with exciting people. The human face of AI is there a topic as well as new AI products in Health, new food trends are there a topic as well as concepts on how to manage a mindful life. We organise interactive panel discussions about trend and discursive topics, live demonstrations with new groundbreaking products, live cooking with a wellbeing-cook, workshops on increasing employees health.

6. Sounds great! How can other innovators contribute to your Tribe? We welcome anyone who wants to bring in innovative, exciting, new ideas. We are always happy if someone wants to join us or cooperate with us!


Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg and Astrid Salomon.