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Vittorio Cerulli

Member Since:
Founder and Managing Director
Purpose House

Vitto started off helping his dad in the family bakery in Rome before studying Business and researching sustainable consumption. Then he moved to London and ran leading insights and innovation teams at Unilever for 7 years. There he became an ice-cream expert and developed many of the brands we know: Magnum, Cornetto, Ben & Jerry etc. 

After graduating from an executive degree at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, he found Purpose House. Since then, he has worked to activate purpose into companies across industries in Italy, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, and the UK. 

His recent work includes a project with vanilla farmers in Madagascar to get under the skin of a development partnership, and a purpose-led innovation with a toilette company in Ghana.

Alongside Purpose House, Vitto is a Challenge Director at Business Fights Poverty, a business-led collaboration network focused on social impact. 

In addition to ice cream, Vitto is passionate about helping companies defining and activating their sustainable purpose, as he has experienced first-hand the role of business as a force for good.

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