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Press Release: Impact Hub Berlin Launches Europe's Biggest Sustainable Coworking Space

Impact Hub Berlin has opened its new 3,500m2 sustainable coworking space in Berlin-Neukölln to empower entrepreneurs and organisations to co-create innovative solutions for people and the planet.

By supporting founders, corporate innovators and institutional changemakers to collaborate through incubators, programming and events, the new Impact Hub Berlin raises the benchmark for the sustainability and innovation ecosystem.

“We strongly believe that providing impact-driven entrepreneurs and innovators in Berlin with access to the right physical, economic and network assets, combined with the backing of our global Impact Hub network, will help unleash their potential to tackle the challenges of our time. With this substantial growth commitment, we’re looking to help establish Berlin as the leading city worldwide for entrepreneurs who want to create positive social and environmental impact.”
Leon Reiner, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Impact Hub Berlin
Coworking space with impact entrepreneurs interacting

Impact Hub Berlin is holding a pre-Opening Party press event on Friday 24th June 2022 at 16:30, featuring a guided tour of the space and the opportunity to meet our co-founder. If you work in the media and would like to receive an invitation, please get in touch with Luke Davis, Communications Lead.