About the series
14 November 2018 - Impact Hub Berlin

Every day we work hard to create a future that works for all – solving wicked problems around the the SDGs.

THE BEYOND is a series we brought to life to take you on a journey – beyond the known allies, the countries we live in, the current methods and tools, the new technologies, the digital transformation and the unicorns. Beyond the buzzwords.

We’ll be sharing insights, learnings and research from our work and from within our ecosystem. Each volume of THE BEYOND will bring you up to speed about a core topic through a series of articles and a closing event.

We want to inspire you to take a look beyond: step out of the framework, identify new opportunities, discuss the challenges of tomorrow and find solutions to create a future that works for all. We are on the transition team – we invite you to be part of it.

It’s time to explore BEYOND!


Our topic for Volume 1 is “The missing link: Where the support ecosystem for social entrepreneurs in Germany is failing” –   featuring articles on:

The closing event of Vol.1 happened on November 13 – we presented all our findings again and had a panel discussion with Naomi Ryland (tbd*), Prof. Florian Hoos (HEC Paris, TU Berlin), Christoph Raethke (Berlin Startup Academy), Christian Kroll (Ecosia) and a great audience. Check out pictures from the event!

> Also: Stay tuned for Volume 2, coming up in early 2019! <