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Collaborate as a Corporate Partner

Drive sustainable innovation by partnering with impact startups

Does your business keep up with fast-changing industry trends? And, more importantly, is it enough these days to simply keep up in the face of complex social and ecological challenges? Our community of innovation front-runners declares firmly: the key driver for innovation is sustainability and it’s not sufficient anymore to be up-to-date. You need to be ahead of the curve.

Achieve your sustainability goals

Has your company issued new sustainability goals? Do you believe innovation could play a pivotal role in transforming your organisation into a sustainability champion? Identifying innovative startups and working with them to develop new products and services that combine profitability with impact - this is how working with Impact Hub Berlin will help you to become an innovation front-runner.

Better Together Award Ceremony

Position your company with the front-runners in the field - Join one of our Ecosystems.

You are working from within a corporate organisation but you want to stay in contact with the innovators on the ground? We offer Ecosystem Partnerships - an opportunity to become a part of a growing community of startups, entrepreneurs and experts in the fields of Circular Economy, Sustainable Food, Green Technology and Diversity & Inclusion.

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Partnership that benefits your business

Collaboration is the only way to face complex challenges. Our Ecosystem approach provides a platform and support to connect your business with all stakeholders needed to accelerate inclusive and sustainable innovation projects.


  • Uncover trends, innovations and disruptions to turn inclusive and sustainable innovation into your competitive advantage.
  • Grow your visibility in the sustainability space and become a trusted partner to entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Support the most promising impact ventures and engage with hands-on entrepreneurs, startups and changemakers.
  • Work with ventures in your field and create partnerships to accelerate your innovation agenda.

Concrete challenge in mind? We can create a venture support programme with you.

With our expertise and networks in the field of Circular Economy, Sustainable Food, Green Technology and Diversity & Inclusion we offer direct access to the most forward-thinking startups in the sector. We help you to stay in touch with innovations and trends in the field. Tell us about your challenge and hear how we can help.