WANTED: Makers, Bakers, Movers and Shakers
4 August 2021 - Luke Davis

At Impact Hub Berlin, plans are well underway for the opening of our new home – a 3,500m2 collaboration, community and coworking space for the city’s impact innovators.

With our partners LXSY Architekten and TRNSFRM, we’re hard at work prototyping, renovating and hustling, to co-create the CRCLR House – a site built and operated according to sustainable, circular economy principles.

To be one of the first occupants of one of our 100+ desks upon opening, follow the link below.

But this wouldn’t be Impact Hub Berlin if all we had to offer were desks and offices. Our vision for the space is a vibrant, constantly evolving hub of innovation and collaboration. With the circular economy and green technology as two of our core impact ecosystems, we want to ensure that the new Impact Hub Berlin offers hands-on opportunities to innovate too.

Architects’ rendering, courtesy of LXSY Architekten

If you’re part of an organisation or collective that needs a small, permanent unit to prototype sustainable solutions – whether that’s reusable packaging or solar-powered technologies – we might be a match. Click the link below to view our call for tenders for maker spaces and innovation labs and let’s find out.

Not only this – we’re also on the hunt for food and beverage partners to keep our community energised. Sustainable food and diversity & inclusion are core impact ecosystems for us as well, so it’s important that we collaborate with organisations that not only provide delicious offerings three times day, but do so with a concept that minimises waste and emissions, while including the local community.

Work in progress on the site.

If your company knows its way around the kitchen of the future, we’d love to hear about you, and how you could see a potential partnership. Check our call for gastronomy partner tenders via the link.

We’re on a mission to make Berlin a leader in showing how the buildings, communities and businesses of the future will contribute to a more just and sustainable society. If you share our passion and are looking for #MoreSpaceForImpact, then join one of our upcoming site tours!

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Photo and image credits: LXSY Architekten / Impact Hub Berlin