29 November 2018 - Impact Hub Berlin

We are lucky here at Impact Hub Berlin to have so many interesting projects and people come through our door every day – that truly span all of the Sustainable Development Goals with their work and are making an actual impact to peoples’ lives. Jobs4refugees is certainly one such case. They are a non-profit organisation with the mission to enable refugees to rebuild their lives and to become active members of German society. As we all know, bureaucracy is no easy task, and support with this is greatly needed. So Jobs4refugees are driving integration and help people who are looking for employment realise their full potential. To find out more about the people behind the organistation, we got the team to answer a few questions! 

  1. How did jobs4refugees get started?

In summer of 2015 when over a million refugees came to Germany in a very short time, jobs4refugees founder Robert Barr also wanted to get involved and help. In the beginning, he gave German classes as a volunteer. It became clear quite quickly that finding a job is one of the most pressing issues for refugees. So two of us, equipped with an excel-spread, started speaking to refugees in a refugee-shelter, taking down their information as well as job-aspirations and simply began to cold-call potential employers – asking them whether they would be open to hiring a refugee. This approach worked surprisingly well and we decided to build a non-profit placement-agency for refugees. Thus jobs4refugees was born.

  1. What’s your mission?

Our mission is quite straight forward and given our name not very surprising: to help refugees in Germany take up work and apprenticeships. We seek to drive the labour market integration by leveling the playing field and help refugees and employers overcome the cultural, language and bureaucratic barriers and biases to a successful integration.

  1. How many people have you worked with so far?

Today jobs4refugees reaches over 21.000 refugees nationwide with the job-offers of employers we work with. We have placed over 200 refugees and reached about 1000 refugees through trainings, workshops and consultation.

  1. What does Impact Hub mean to you?

On the one hand Impact Hub is a great place to work with a great working atmosphere and enough flexibility and space to consult and meet both the refugees and employers we work with. On the other hand being part of the community is great and often creates new opportunities and ideas for our work, be it intros to employers or volunteers or getting some ‘outside’ feedback on new ideas during the community lunch in the Impact Hub.

You can find more about Jobs4refugee on their website – and huge congratulations again to Robert Barr, their CEO and Founder who recently has been awarded “Top 40 Under 40” by Capital magazine 2018, for all of his outstanding work and dedication! ??