Impact Hub Berlin’s Grand Opening Party
7 July 2015 - Impact Hub Berlin

“Hard work deserves hard celebrations!” And so it happened! During the early evening of Friday, June 5th, one by one, our wonderful guests began to arrive: young and old, children and parents, business partners, social innovators, Crowdfunding supporters, members, friends, sympathisers and all the rest. Obeying the theme “[email protected]#$ the Rest, Come Overdressed,” they poured in wearing their finest attire and filling the Hub with smiles and energy.

The Grand Opening Party started with a VIP segment at 5 o’clock, to which we invited our most appreciated Crowdfunding supporters and our lovely members. The pre-party was meant to honour those who—among others—participated most actively to create Friedrichstrasse 246 from a construction site into the beautiful co-working space you see today.

Tables were covered with tasteful and supremely served canapé’s, the DJ was playing fantastic music and everyone was in their best mood to chat, mingle and dance the night away.

The peak of the evening was when our Managing Director, Nele Kapretz, and the whole team stood on the stage and raised their glasses to those in attendance, a toast to the impact we’ve made together in the past few crazy months, and look forward at what is still to come. Friends, we are home!

Cheers and a big Thank You to everyone that made it happen!

Written by Aleksandra Širec