Impact Hub Berlin goes Lima, PERU
22 June 2016 - Impact Hub Berlin

Creating an Incubator/Bootcamp for BioDiversity: Emprende la Biodiversidad!

What an incredible opportunity. GIZ Lima, Proambiente and StartUp USIL kicked-off their unique accelerator for 6 start-ups dedicated to improving biodiversity and the competitiveness of traditional/local products in Lima, Peru. A pilot to empower locals and enable them to get connected, scale and increase their positive impact.

Anna flew all the way to Lima to host (in spanish!)

  • a 4 day bootcamp to empower six start-ups to identify and amplify their positive impact, and
  • a one day workshop on “how to build an ecosystem to empower entrepreneurs – based on the case of Impact Hub Berlin”.

Marriage between Impact + Biodiversity + Business

During the intense bootcamp, Anna got all start-ups to learn new methods (Design Thinking, Lean StartUp et all) and take another (and closer) look at their individual value-chains and identify the positive impact they make. It was mindblowing to see their shift in mindset to realise that their own biodiversity start-up offered more than just being another product on the shelf – what a ride!

Building an Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs in Lima

GIZ Lima gathered all relevant stakeholders who are interested in strengthening the Eco-System to empower entrepreneurs. It was a great experience to share the experience of Impact Hub Berlin, learn what is already being done in Lima AND identify tangible steps for the future. Building a community and creating a space that enables entrepreneurs to act is a necessary step – and Lima is ready! Watch our for Lima – it’s at the beginning, but it’s got momentum!

Meet the partners and get more insights of the program:



StartUp USIL

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