#HumansofImpactHub: Femna, medicinal herbal products for women
14 June 2017 - Impact Hub Berlin

Meet Emily Casey and Maxie Matthiessen, #HumansofImpactHub, founders of Femna, a brand of natural herbal products (tea, roll on, body oil, salt scrub, massage oil…) designed for each stage of a woman’s life. We met Emily so she could tell us more about this brand new initiative made in IHB!


femna pic

– Hello Emily! Tell us about who you are and what you do…


EC: Im from Australia originally, I’m 29 and I moved to Berlin 18 months ago. About one year ago, I met Maxie, who is my business partner and we decided to join forces to create Femna.

At Femna, we do medicinal herbal products for women and we target every hormonal stage in a woman’s life. The idea is that it is a one stop shop for women to come from their first period until their last one.

We cover PMS, menstruation, fertility, we are also in the process of developing pregnancy line, we have menopause and general well-being.


– And how did Femna get started ?


EC: Maxie’s previous company, Rubycup is a menstrual cup company, so she has been in the feminine hygiene space for quite some time. It was while Rubycup that she had this idea to provide natural products for women, because she saw such a market gap.

The idea came from then and when I met Maxie she was working on it and I was working on my other project, called Naked Beans, which is natural skin care products, based on essential oils and coffee.

We just started talking and we just really got on really well and found out that we had the same mission, drive and work ethic, so we just decided to join forces and both work full time on Femna.


– You are currently rebranding and I’ve heard that you did your photoshoot here at Impact Hub. Can you tell us more about this experience?


EC: it was great. So, one of our missions is to break taboos around the female body, the hormonal stages that we go through. Let’s talk about period and menopause because it’s not so openly discussed really!


But we also want to break taboo around the physicality of the female body, so we want to use images of women in their natural form, not photoshopped in anyway.

We did our first photoshoot at Impact Hub Berlin and had twelve amazing women that came and posed for us in their underwear, which was wonderful.

It was a really nice experience because some of the women said to me “oh, I’m not confident with my body, I dont feel good about this but at the same time, this is the reason I want to do this photoshoot because it will make me feel better about my body or break that mental thing in my mind”.

So that was a really nice experience to go through with these women.


– What are your plans for the future?


EC: World domination. (laughs). Wow, so many plans! We want to touch as many women as we can. We have our online platform, that we sell from, and also in a few retail stores at the moment and were in the process of being listed on Amazon launch pad. So now, the plan is to really start selling, marketing, getting into as many retail stores as we can and reaching as many women as we can.


Thank you Emily!