How we fucked up the Fuck Up Night
8 November 2016 - Impact Hub Berlin

This month, Impact Hub Berlin wanted to host the first ever @Fuck Up Night with a focus on social impact. Quite a bit of effort went into preparing the event – getting in touch with the organizers of FUN Berlin, introducing them to the importance of failure in the field of social impact, and over 30 email threads, 4 newsletters, 3 social media posts and various announcements inviting #socent speakers.

The result: Pustekuchen. Only two speakers came forward, one of them cancelled last minute, and we called off the whole event two days before. We basically fucked up Fuck Up Night. Murphy sends his regards.

While “failing is sexy” has become the new mantra in the startup world, us, the social entrepreneurs seem far from owning up to our failures. Why are we afraid to speak up? When we fail as changemakers, we lose a lot of time, energy and money. On top of that, we might feel that the social purpose we believe in is unattainable. We disappointed ourselves and possibly the people whose lives we aimed to change. Failing creates the misconception that doing good and doing well is impossible.

Forget about all that! The fact is: We’ve all failed! Several times, big and small. And we’ve picked ourselves up, started over and learned a thing or two along the way. “The only thing worse than failing to achieve your dream is failing to try” – very cheesy and very true. It’s ok to fuck up and it’s ok to admit it. Talking about it should be the norm, not the exception. This month, we fucked up. Let’s see what surprises the rest of the year holds.