Education Finds a Way, No Matter What
2 December 2015 - Impact Hub Berlin

Meet’n’learn, a unique learning platform that successfully graduated from Telefonica`s Wayra incubator program is hosting an event, Te(a)chology to bring the EdTech ecosystem together in Berlin on 3rd December 2015 at Impact Hub at 7pm.  

People say, it`s impossible, that there is no hope, it will never really change, students will just have to struggle and get through the education system as it is, somehow.

There is a way, though, despite the challenges and obstacles in traditional education. How can students, teachers, lecturers and EdTech professionals navigate their way through the maze?

Te(a)chology is an EdTech event that was created in Munich as there was a need to bring the EdTech eco-system together, so that startups, students, teachers and professors could find and meet and inspire each other and explore the intersection of education and technology with aim of creating new synergies. With guest speakers that are active across several fields, we have been expanding the dimensions of EdTech as we know it.

For the first Te(a)chology EdTech event in Berlin at Impact Hub, it will be hosted by Meet’n’learn that is a innovative learning platform that provides a direct access to tutors that are often difficult to find in classifieds. The platform supports connections between students and tutors in a range of subjects and discipline.

Meet’n’learn offers ease and accessibility for students, parents and tutors. Meetnlearn provides a central meeting place in a fragmented landscape.  This provides greater support, on the one hand for busy parents who are often overstretched, over-worked and underpaid– the service is free for parents—it can be very time consuming for parents to find reliable teacher. On the other hand tutors struggle to find the time to manage all their students.  Tutoring platforms such as Meet’n’learn offer ease and accessibility, consolidating and managing their students in one central platform.

Specifically for Te(a)chology Berlin it will be the chance for you to explore topics more generally around accessibility in education. More specifically you will be able to explore challenges of MOOC`s to deliver valuable learning experiences. Furthermore, what are the current challenges in higher education, especially with the influx refugees and international students. You will be able to explore how minorities as well as diversity can drive innovation and reform in higher education both on an “EdTech” and policy level.

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