Education and Digitalisation: An Impact Learning Journey
24 January 2020 - Luke Davis

At the start of the 2020s, to look back at the past decade is to survey a scene of rapid and often radical change.


Whether in the area of technology (where digitalisation has become ubiquitous) or the environment (damage to which continues to rise exponentially), institutions across the board must adapt to these changes to survive.

Today, on International Day of Education 2020, we’re highlighting the educational system as just one field in which paralysis caused by these challenges must be tackled in novel ways.


#EdExperts on tour


The Consultancy Team at Impact Hub Berlin recently led a programme with the German-American Fulbright Commission, Hochschulforum Digitalisierung and Stifterverband. The aim was to bring together directors and high-level experts from Germany and the USA. The focus: “The impact of digitalisation on the future of Higher Education”.

Impact Hub’s approach has always been to start with the problem (the future impact of digitalisation). We then engage ‘Unlikely Allies’: representatives of different fields, places and topics that wouldn’t usually meet or collaborate. During our seven days in New York and Boston in October last year, followed by four days in Berlin in December, experts mingled with students, EdTech start-ups, accelerator programmes and innovation labs.


#UnlikelyAllies unite


Cornell Tech, MIT Media Lab, Derek Bok Center Learning Lab, the New School and the German Chancellery were just some of those represented. Across ten days of conversation and collaboration, three key points emerged:


  • Undertaking a physical journey as a group enables more shared moments, deeper learnings and faster removal of the ‘fear barrier’ than at any regular conference.
  • The Unlikely Allies approach broadens the perspective of participants, who were able to focus on who higher education is for (students) and why (to fulfil their future career needs).
  • Education is a crucial gamechanger if we want to shape a future that works for all. The programme has given Impact Hub Berlin fresh inspiration to innovate further in this field.


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