Design Thinking Gives You Brainpower
22 January 2015 - Impact Hub Berlin

This week our co-founder and design thinking expert Anna Laesser held a workshop to share her knowledge in the topic. Centered around creativity, empathy and putting the user’s needs at the heart of solving a problem, design thinking is seen as an important tool to drive business and social innovation.

But what is Design Thinking, you ask? Design Thinking is a collaborative, human-centered approach to solve a wide range of complex problems. It emphasizes the user: understand their needs and you’ll find creative, innovative solutions for the problem you want to solve. The design thinking process goes through six steps: understand, observe, point of view, ideation, prototyping and testing.


Understanding is the first phase of the design thinking process. You need to understand your costumers and do 360° research around your problem. When you do that you should start to observe. Go out and talk to people about the problem you want to solve, make interviews and reflect on what you hear and see. The next step is to define the problem and understand how it impacts people’s experiences. What problem are you solving? Your user’s needs might not be what you expected. When you have done that – it’s time to get creative. Brainstorm, ideate, take risks and have fun. No ideas or solutions are stupid. You got a good idea? Make a prototype! And don’t forget to go out and test it to get feedback and find out what’s working and what doesn’t.

During the 90 minutes workshop the participants pretended being a wallet manufactory with the aim to produce the most suitable wallet for costumers that want a functional wallet that even the sloppiest person won’t drop. We are amazed of the brainpower and creativity from the teams. One team prototyped a bracelet wallet that you wear close to your body to not lose it. Another team built a purse that gives you an electric shock if you drop it and the third team had an idea of creating an experience for the buyer and do a workshop where he or she grab a coffee while the craftsman is producing your own customized purse. The design thinking process brought out the craziest and best ideas.

“I love that it is a dynamic and interactive process. It made me think deeper and analyze what I do and not just do it” – participant

Do you want to learn more or sharpen your skills in design thinking? We will soon have another round of the workshop. Check out our events here on the webpage and follow us on facebook to stay tuned!