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Impact Hub Berlin Opening Party!

Opening Party
The new Impact Hub Berlin is located on the site of the former Kindl Brewery in Berlin, Neukölln. This former brewery hall was retrofitted according to circular economy principles, meaning resources were reduced, reused, and repurposed, in order to minimise waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Realised in partnership with the building cooperative TRNSFRM and LXSY Architects, the building – renamed as the CRCLR House – stands as a lighthouse project for sustainable architecture in Berlin.
After officially opening three out of an eventual five floors of coworking, events and maker spaces, we’re now ready to bring it all to life with a long-awaited, legendary Impact Hub Berlin summer celebration. Part 1 of the evening will start off right here for an introduction to Impact Hub Berlin and our circular economy adventure. For Part 2, we’ll all move next door to SchwuZ, our dear neighbours and long-time pinnacle of Berlin night life, who share our values of sustainability and inclusion. Here we will dance the night away along to some super select DJ sets.
Select a Part 1 and a Part 2 ticket to join from the start of the event at Impact Hub Berlin from 17:30, or just Part 2 to join from 20:00 onwards at SchwuZ. See you there!