Crowdfunding Campaign
10 April 2016 - Impact Hub Berlin


We crowdfunded 38.585 EUR within 4 weeks – what an adrenalin rush.

Without our supporters we could have NEVER made this happen. Thank you so much for believing in us. Without YOU it would have never happened. Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU!


Here’s a (long) list of things to keep in mind when running a crowd funding campaign:

  1. Plan in advance – IF you can!
  2. Be clear why you are doing it
  3. Define your kick ass target group
  4. Design suitable perks that would:
    1. Make your target group’s heart skip a beat
    2. Make sense economically
  5. Create a funky narration
  6. Write a storyboard, but don’t get caught up, start filmin’
  7. Start telling your gang it’s gonna happen
  8. Edit the footage
  9. Create a sexy tagline
  10. Start building the master’s list aka your outreach list
  11. Tell more people, it’s gonna happen
  12. Evaluate which platform to go with
  13. Tell even more people it’s happening really soon
  14. Organize a launch party
  15. Use the momentum of the launch…
  16. LAUNCH it with a bang!
  17. Make people work for you – make people share it!;)
  18. Bombard your contacts
    1. Let them know what is happening
    2. Why it’s happening, and
    3. Give them a clear call to action
  19. Be pumped 24/7 and enjoy the ride
  20. Kill the death valley: use visuals, video clips – anything to get the vibes out
  21. Be the persistent person: Follow-up #1, #2, #3… it pays off
  22. Spread the word across different media channels, at other events aka don’t sleep
  23. Don’t give up
  24. Treat your supporters and share exclusive news
  25. Fire up and go wild at the end (just before you loose your mind)
  26. Celebrate success and share it with all supporters!
  27. Organize logistics of all perks and make sure your amazing supporters are rewarded!


Biggest learnings:

  1. Running a crowd funding is like running a sprint that turns out to be a marathon
  2. Be persistent and dare to ask people for their support (at least twice)
  3. The video and the entire campaign are essential. But actually, it boils down to your amazing, marvelous, courageous list of potential supporters. It’s the folk who you have to activate – no matter what.
  4. Build a sound campaign across all channels that appeals to all target groups (take the time to customize it! It’s worth it!)
  5. Put yourself out there and believe in your funk
  6. A crowd funding campaign helps you
    1. VALIDATE YOUR BUSINESS IDEA – if people support it, they love it. If not, you gotta pivot.
    2. GROW A COMMUNITY of like-minded epic people
    3. It’s a campaign that BUILD A BRAND.
    4. RAISE MONEY which was desperately needed.
  7. No matter what, enjoy the ride. It’s wild.