The Charitable Advent Calendar
23 November 2017 - Impact Hub Berlin

Lisa Strauch, has been with Impact Berlin since the very beginning and has been working for 24GoodDeeds, an advent calendar with a twist. It’s an idea that has helped raise more than €750,000 for charity since 2014. As one of the longest serving members of Impact Hub, Lisa personifies the type of dedicated social entrepreneur that works here.  In our interview, she explains how the calendar works and how Impact Hub has provided her with the ‘perfect enviroment’ for 24GoodDeeds.


What is 24GoodDeeds?
24GoodDeeds is an advent calendar that raises funds for 24 social and environmental projects around the globe. The idea is simple: you donate €24 and discover what your donation achieves behind the calendar’s doors.  For example, you might plant a tree in Uganda on one day and vaccinate a child on another. We believe that fundraising should be transparent and fun. However, many charities – especially during the Christmas season – pressure you to donate money by appealing to your guilty conscience but fail to give you concrete information about their projects and intended goals. Apart from that, the calendar also offers an alternative to traditional crazy Christmas consumption patterns and aims to raise awareness for social and environmental causes around the world.  All projects we support with the calendar are carefully selected; we make sure that each donation has a concrete effect.


What’s the story behind the idea?
The project was founded by the siblings Johanna and Sebastian Wehkamp and the idea for 24GoodDeeds was born when Sebastian was looking for an advent calendar for his girlfriend. He was walking around Düsseldorf and soon became quite annoyed by the aggressive fundraisers that tried to convince him to donate money with pictures of hurt animals or suffering children. He had the idea that giving should be fun, and that’s how he came up with the idea to combine an advent calendar with donating for aid projects. And the Impact Hub Berlin is the perfect environment for me to work in because there are always people around who can support with new ideas that I didn’t think about before.


How many good deeds have you facilitated since your founding in 2011?
In this time, we have:
Raised more than €750,000
Supported 120 projects in 47 countries.
Through this, we have enabled a lot of good deeds, for example:
66,000 people received a medical treatment
88,000 people received a nutritious meal
600,000 square metres of rainforest were protected
980,000 kilogrammes of CO² emissions were avoided


What kind of projects does 24GoodDeeds support and how do you choose them?
We support 24 projects in the fields of environmental protection, health, education and nutrition. Each year NGOs can apply to be part of the calendar – we have an open call for applications. 24GoodDeeds developed criteria to assess if the proposed projects fit into the framework of the calendar and if the organisations work transparently and impact-oriented: we examine if the organisations can clearly identify their target group, define indicators that help assess their short, medium and long-term impact and whether their projects are part of a long-term strategy. We also always check that the organisations are not motivated by religious and political ideologies.


And lastly, where can I get one?
Best of luck this year Lisa raising even more money for charity!