Solution Sprint

Our Solution Sprints help you to analyse problems and design solutions. Together with experts from our community, you’ll co-create solutions to a predefined problem. Hands-on prototyping and real testing allow you to iterate your solution on the spot. 

By applying Design Thinking methodology, you’ll explore a Sustainable Development Goals-related topic or challenge within your organisation that we define together.

What a Solution Sprint can do for you:


Together with experts from our community, your team will co-create solutions to tackle a current challenge. 

Hands-on prototyping and real-time testing allow you to iterate your solution on the spot.


Define & focus: Together, we assess your needs and define the specific challenge you and your team will be tackling during the Solution Sprint. 

Ideate & prototype: We enable you to brainstorm ideas and build suitable prototypes.

Test & iterate: Prototypes are tested with potential users, adjusted to their needs and improved.


Refresh: Understand and develop empathy with your team members, customers or partners.

Reimagine: Create innovative solutions to SDG-related topics in your company

Redesign: Grow your own innovation potential, skills and mindset.

Realise: Surprise moments throughout lead to increased commitment and strengthen your team.


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Companies use Solution Sprints to get a deeper understanding of what innovation in the social space is all about. Want to receive a custom-made offer for your needs? Get in touch!