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Impact Hub Berlin members form a diverse community of people who believe that bold, entrepreneurial ideas can change society for the better. Interested in becoming a member yourself? Check out our Membership Options. Want to collaborate with our members or to access our network? Please use the contact form below and get in touch with our team directly. 

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SAM_2209-2 - Friederike Löwa

Friederike Löwa

Member of the Management Board / Integration Coordinator

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Katharina Krug_Q1A5076_square - Katharina Krug

Katharina Krug

Advisor on Technology in International Cooperation
Mike Wong

Mike Wong

Copyeditor / Proofreader
Good written content matters more than ever in an increasingly globalised world. It’s everywhere you look, whether in digital or printed media. I can help you to create and refine content that will reflect the best of you. With my professional background in the social sciences and higher education, concise, well-presented writing has always been a top priority. Through the years, I’ve found that good stories have been what I’ve consistently enjoyed most about my work experiences. However, good storytelling is made better with good writing that connects with your audience. Whether you’re an individual, a startup, or small business, I provide copyediting, proofreading, and content writing services to help you market yourself confidently. As a collaborator in a startup agribusiness, I understand the importance of getting your message out in a way that matters to those you serve. Excellence in my work, a prompt response, and actively partnering with you to meet your objectives are what I stand by. Your satisfaction is my satisfaction. If you’d like to learn more about how we can work together, contact me today ([email protected])!
Member_klein_4057 - Robert Eckstein

Robert Eckstein

Executive Vice President Finance
VittoSquare - vittorio cerulli

Vittorio Cerulli

Founder and Managing Director

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