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Fishbowl Discussion: Fostering the growth of impact entrepreneurs

How can cities and politics support Entrepreneurs? How can we build, support and connect local ecosystems that allow startups to scale?



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Netherlands, Germany


  • Open Fishbowl discussion with our special guests from Den Haag and stakeholders in Berlin on how cities and governments can support impact entrepreneurs and which infrastructure cities need to grow a social innovation ecosystem
  • Building a bridge between the Berlin and The Hague social innovation ecosystem to make scaling to Germany or the Netherlands easier


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GIZ Global Innovation

How-to-guide to Build Innovation Communities


Germany, global


Logo GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit


  • Identify need, ambition and outcome
  • Global analysis of best practices formats for community-building and acceleration
  • Screening of Impact Hub Berlin + global Impact Hub network for best case practices
  • Synthesis, visualisation and creation of a hands-on guide with case studies


How can we share our global expertise and empower others to build strong innovation communities and empower local entrepreneurial ecosystems?

Smiling participants of eSkills4Girls project gathering around Angela Merkel.

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