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An innovation lab. A business Incubator. A social enterprise community center. Impact Hub offers a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow the positive impact of our members' work.
At Impact Hub Berlin, you will find natural food entrepreneurs, CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategists, web and IT specialists, clean tech and green start ups, architects, advocates, social workers, students and many more! Their projects and companies are as diverse as they can be, but they all have one common goal: To help solve local and global problems through social innovation.  
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Pira is a creative studio founded by three friends from Brazil. They combine graphic design, motion, video, web design, illus…

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The Commons Network

The Commons Network is a civil society initiative and think-tank working on a local, national and European level. They promot…

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Forum of Federations

The Forum of Federations is an international governance organization founded by Canada and funded by nine other partner gover…

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Envirofit is a global social enterprise that innovates smart clean cookstoves that enable families to live smarter and save m…

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beatPlus wants to change the world by supporting the forward thinking organisations with the ideal communication strategy inc…

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ReDI School of Digital Integration

ReDI School of Digital Integration was founded in February 2016 by a team convinced that technology can bring people together…

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

GIZ provide services worldwide in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. With their experience o…

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Femna wants to become the one stop shop for women that seek natural products for their beauty and for their health. It will o…

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Our world is becoming increasingly interlinked and is getting more and more complex. Climate change, resource scarcity, polit…

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Many spices in supermarkets are up to five years old, have poor quality and are expensive. Gewürzkampagne wants to revolutio…

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Böhm & Sommerfeldt

Böhm & Sommerfeldt host shared reading events in Berlin to connect people through literature. The concept of shared read…

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Ma-Baara ("Water-Farm") is a social enterprise that aims to improve food security, increase job opportunities and r…

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Ruby Cup

Menstruation is still a taboo in many countries. It is a hugely overlooked barrier to development and has a significant impac…

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TheDive provides expertise to organisations that want to update their operating system towards an holistic, more human, more …

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Somos Más

Somos Más is a global social innovation enterprise harnessing collective intelligence to transform challenges into a sustain…

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According to the European Commission, more than 4.5 million young people do an internship each year in Europe. Unfortunately,…

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Peace Tunisia

Peace Tunisia is an initiative that aims to bring together people, projects and campaigns supporting peace in Tunisia. By off…

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About half of Africa's population lives without clean drinking water and access to modern energy. To change that, Siemen…

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24 Good Deeds

The idea for 24GoodDeeds was born when looking for an alternative to the good old Advent calendar. The result: an Advent cale…

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BioCarbon Group

BioCarbon is a leading international investor in projects that offer transformational sustainability and development benefits…

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Musicians’ image and reach can have great impact but are not yet used optimally. To make social commitment easier and less …

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One World Doctors

The limited pharmaceutical and technical infrastructures in countries with weak health systems is accompanied by a brain drai…

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Kukua is matching the needs of African founders with the skills of employees in German companies. The goal is to support Afri…

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Beyond Philanthropy

Beyond Philanthropy is a specialized consultancy which helps businesses, foundations and individuals to maximize the impact o…

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INJU is vitality in the shape of a drink: The fluids help you optimize your body's energy supply and fulfill your natura…

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Avaaz, meaning "voice" in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages, has a simple democratic mission: to…

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Visionautics believes that there are hundreds and thousands of people who have the imagination and the determination to devel…

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Ekoneo is a young social startup from Berlin and Freiburg which offers price reductions for non-profits. Upon registering, no…

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beyond tmrw2

Beyond Tomorrow

Our member Karoline Weinmann offers professional CSR consulting including communication, strategy and public-private-partners…

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The Center For Artistic Activism

The Center for Artistic Activism is is a research and training institute dedicated to artistic activism which explores, analy…

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DYCLE is a fundamentally new way of how baby diapers are to be produced, used and recycled, or rather upcycled, when they are…

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Whether you are a traveler, new residence or a local, TeachSurfing gives everyone the opportunity to share their skills and k…

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Meet'n'learn is an online platform connecting students and verified tutors. It offers tutoring in various forms so …

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Startup Boat

Startup Boat is a network of established change makers from different disciplines who come together to develop and implement …

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Social Reporting Initiative

The Social Reporting Initiative e.V. (SRI) supports all types of non-profit organisations to reflect, structure and report on…

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Discussing World Politics

Discussing World Politics is a forum that offers a platform for debate beyond the usual conference and lecture format. Hostin…

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Jourvie was initiated in 2013 with the aim of improving the treatment of eating disorders for those affected. By designing an…

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Initiative Neues Lernen

The Initiative for New Learning (INL) believes in the power diversity and inclusion bear for innovation. In heterogenic teams…

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Civocracy believes that a good democracy is one where citizens have influence and thus aims to give citizens the power to sha…

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Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

UAEM is a global grassroots organization that empowers students to advocate for equitable access to medicines, and to ensure …

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The concept is simple: Radbahn wants to use the undeveloped space under Berlin's elevated U1 rail line for cyclists. Ima…

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All in all, 18 Mio tons of groceries are wasted every year in Germany. Querfeld is trying to change that by selling those fru…

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Imagine Cargo

On average, 12kg of CO2 are emitted transporting a 5kg express package from A to B. Millions of parcels are shipped this way …

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