Meet K-Tiv, Impact Hub Berlin’s Storytelling & Design #Tribe
20 October 2018 - Impact Hub Berlin

Impact Hub is not just a co-working space, a consultancy for social entrepreneurs, or a place to hold events – it’s primarily a community where people who have like-minded ideas about how the world should work can come together in a safe space. Naturally to launch Impact Hub Berlin’s themed communities for social impact — Tribes — we spoke to our home-grown freelance collective, K-Tiv. Formed around four creative professionals, K-Tiv is the Berlin-based Storytelling & Design Tribe. Read on for their story and stay tuned to learn about our other Tribes!

1. How did K-Tiv get started?

It started as many Impact Hub collaborations do — we all got to know each other over the weekly Community Lunch, Kaffee & Kuchen, and Winedown events! We were individual freelancers with the desire to collaborate on creative projects that advance social and environmental causes, as well as to enjoy the excitement and new ideas that come from being part of a team. As time went on and other members needed our support in design and storytelling, we also by chance found ourselves working on the same projects together; our first, albeit accidental collaborations. It soon became clear that we worked well together, and realising that we could together take on bigger projects with more of an impact was the catalyst for the foundation of K-Tiv.

2. What’s your aim as a group?

As a collective of independent freelancers, the aim was never to act as an established agency with clients on the books but instead to offer the collective skills of experienced and independent freelancers in solving distinct storytelling and design challenges for Impact Hub members and affiliates, alongside our individual projects. Through this, we aim to support the efforts of Berlin-based and international organisations and enterprises with whom our values align, by offering our diverse and complementary expertise: Pauline and Michael are masters of the universe of images; Aimie and I, the words’ world.

3. How has it been working so far? And what has been your biggest impact?

It’s already been a wonderful ride! We’ve so far together worked on projects ranging from designing the physical and online marketing materials of a fair fashion start-up to bringing an e-book on behavioural change for entrepreneurs to life, and we already have some new, intriguing possibilities in the works.

But the project with the biggest influence so far has to be the first ever Impact Hub Global Impact Report, which we created from scratch in collaboration with the network’s communications team. The chance to think together about how to tell the story of Impact Hub’s growth, its day-to-day work with social entrepreneurs around the world and its future — as well as to further shape its visual identity — and then see this echo internationally … That’s exactly what we aim to do!

4. What does Impact Hub mean to you?

A lot. As independent freelancers, we chose to join Impact Hub seeking for a dynamic community to be inspired by, but also to collaborate with in supporting projects which have a socio-environmental focus. While it’s true that we’ve been able to grow our individual and collective changemaking careers through the connections, collaborations  and knowledge we’ve found here, what was perhaps more important was the community we found: knowing that you have a place where everyone is in the same boat, where you can help and be helped, and where you will eat copious amounts of cake alongside lovely people!

5. Where do you see K-Tiv’s future?

We hope to build on what we’ve achieved so far and continue to help shape stories that deserve to be discovered, as the need to transition to a sustainable and fair society is getting more urgent by the day. It’s impossible to tell what the future will hold — especially as freelancers! — but along with our other freelance partners, we’re looking forward to bringing our creativity to the community and help them to communicate better.

Joe Dodgshun, for K-Tiv