#HumansofImpactHub: Kiezbett, the neighbourhood bed!
31 May 2017 - Impact Hub Berlin

We love when sparkles happen among the community! That is why we will tell you the beautiful story of Kiezbett, the “neighbourhood bed”, a result of two members work crush during community lunch… Kim le Roux, co-founder together with Steve Döschner answered our questions!

– What is Kiezbett? 

Kim: Kiezbett which literally translates into ‘neighbourhood bed,’ is a locally-produced floating-like bed of solid pine wood.

The wood is sourced from local forests in and around Berlin. The trees are felled by apprentices and for the most part pulled out of the forest by horses. A local timber mill cuts and dries the wood.The Kiezbett is then made in a socially-inclusive joinery workshop. And finally the bed is packaged in recycled materials and delivered to your doorstep by bike!

For every produced and sold Kiezbett you are supporting local businesses and are promoting conservation and inclusion projects in your area.

– How has IHB helped you to found your project ? 

Kim: In the summer of 2015 at Community Lunch at the Impact Hub Steve Döschner and I, Kim le Roux, met. Steve had just become member and we immediately hit it off.

At the community lunch Steve told me he was building his own bed from wood bought at the ‘Baumarkt’. I then told him about a bed I had designed for myself a while back also from wood. The conversation then moved to “why are there no sustainable wood beds on the market for a reasonable price?”. The idea of creating a business with a sustainable product is something Steve had always wanted to start.

So the Idea of Kiezbett was born! The forest engineer and the architect a great combo for a sustainable product.

– How was it created ? 

Kim: In February 2016 we started a Crowdfunding campagne on StartNext. We managed to raise 30.000,00 € and sell 50 Kiezbeds in the process. And that’s the moment when we knew this was going to work.

What we didn’t know was that, that was when the hard work really began. Building and creating a sustainable Value Chain. Form sourcing the right Wood to finding a socially oriented wood workshop that would build the beds for us. But after some difficulties we found the right Partners.

Our Logistic partner we found at the Impact Hub! B3 Cargo who also happened to be part-time members at the Hub.

For the recyclable packaging we had a really productive Workshop with all of our partners at the Hub.

– What are your plans for the future ? 

Kim: Our plans for the immediate future are to grow our business by bring out more Products and delivering Germany wide.

Thank you Kim!