#HumansofImpactHub: Civocracy, platform for civic engagement!
11 April 2017 - Impact Hub Berlin

Our Humans of Impact Hub of this month are Civocracy, a civic tech startup that has been a part of our community for a long time!

We met Héloise, in charge of the business development so she could explain us the story behind Civocracy and its relation to Impact Hub Berlin!  

Civocracy is a social startup and platform for civic engagement where they facilitate better decision making and collaboration within communities. 

Concretely, it is a tool that cities or organizations can use in order to raise as many questions as they want among their community. “With communities for example, a lot of the questions will be around the development of city center, or biodiversity…” says Héloïse. 

They want people to be more aware that they are part of a community, whether it is a private organization or a local collectivity, and that they can actually change things, invest themselves through discussion.The lack of action and participation in the social and political life is often due to this question “but what can I do?” and “who would hear us? “. Civocray enables every voice to be heard, and not only the most upset or “strong” ones.

It all began when Chloé Pahud and Benjamin Snow, the founders, met in 2014 and started working on this project together. Then, the Startup Bootcamp incubator in Amsterdam allowed them to get mentorships and to settle at Impact Hub Berlin in 2015.

Based in Berlin, they are currently working with the city of Postdam in Germany, but also with the regions of South and North of Holland and with the city of Nice in the South of France. Civocracy is mainly online but users can go further with the “take action” button. It is then possible to participate in meetings and to really engage face to face with different actors of political or social change.

“The goal is really to have the complete film of civic participation, from information, discussion to civic engagement”, explains Héloïse to us.

Impact Hub Berlin has been a big part of their growth and they decided to settle here for different reasons: “First of all, the space is very beautiful. It is full of life, and allow us to interact with different people, which is really important.

But the main thing is that we really see ourselves as as social startup, so it was meaningful for us to evolve in this world, where a lot of people had the same approaches than us, the same interest for impact. It has been really resourceful, to grow in this ecosystem where things move and people are eager to help each other. Impact Hub Berlin’s community has helped us on many levels; for crowdfunding, event’s organization, but also to get honest feedback, without any power relationship but also for hiring. We are now seven and probably growing soon”.