Mike has a professional background in the social sciences and higher education. Through the years, he found that good stories are what he’s consistently enjoyed most about his work experiences. As a collaborator in a startup agribusiness, he understands the importance of getting your message out in a way that matters to those you serve. If you’d like to contact Mike to find out more about his services, get in touch via [email protected]

Vitto started off helping his dad in the family bakery in Rome before studying Business and researching sustainable consumption. Then he moved to London and ran leading insights and innovation teams at Unilever for seven years. There he became an ice-cream expert and developed many of the brands we know: Magnum, Cornetto, Ben & Jerry’s etc. After graduating from an executive degree at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, he founded Purpose House. Since then, he has worked to activate purpose in companies across industries in Italy, Germany, Mexico, Turkey and the UK.┬áHis recent work includes a project with vanilla farmers in Madagascar and a purpose-led innovation with a sanitation company in Ghana. Alongside Purpose House, Vitto is a Challenge Director at Business Fights Poverty, a business-led collaboration network focused on social impact.

A freelancer based between Switzerland and Berlin, at the moment Marko develops software for the solar industry and is looking forward to further collaborating with NGOs and companies in the field of renewable energy. In his free time he’s laying the foundations for a farming and beverage business.

An athlete with a degree in textile engineering, after building the biggest global running community with adidas for four years, Katharina decided to leave the corporate world and found her own company. THE GOOD RUN will be the first online shop for sustainable sportswear. Get in touch with her if you want to go for a run and/or talk about fashion/founding/sustainability. Katharina is also open for freelance jobs as a creative concepter in sport.

Katharina works in the GIZ Blockchain Lab, which pilots different Use Cases supporting the SDGs. The focus of her work is identifying innovative project approaches for international development cooperation beyond Blockchain. She previously worked with Deloitte in the area of public R&D and investment funding. Her background is in International Commercial Law, focusing on international financial institutions.

Fabian is co-founder of a Berlin-based education startup, IBMI Berlin, which aims to provide essential business skills to everyone, everywhere. He likes working on projects in the fields of tech, education and sustainability.

Anabel is a socially committed entrepreneur, researcher on future issues, author and speaker. She is the CEO of GetYourWings, the founder of Guiding For Future and the Managing Director of the Institute for Sustainability Management. She is a professor of international business administration and engaged as a member of advisory boards, and as an ambassador and mentor for social organisations.

Baris works at Jobs4Refugees, an NGO that supports refugees in finding work in Germany. His main responsibilities include both acquiring business partners that provide job opportunities for refugees and maintaining existing customer relations. Outside of work, he enjoys plant-based cooking and learning French.

Joe is a brand storytelling consultant creating stories to scale solutions in social enterprise and climate action. He translates complexity into compelling brand stories and focuses on value-added communication. He also helps to amplify impact with K-tiv collective.

In 2016, Friederike joined Jobs4Refugees and has remained excited to be part of a social start-up working in the field of integration. Currently, she implements an EU-funded project that targets male and female refugees, aimed at improving their intercultural and professional competences.

Robert is a Passionate Introvert, Poet, Yogi, Coach and Trainer, currently working with AIESEC Alumni Germany.

Born and raised in Berlin, Johann studied Political Sciences and International Relations both in Berlin and Exeter (UK). He supported refugees in the Balkans in 2015 before taking on the topic of labour market integration in Germany. This resulted in first founding the non-profit social temporary work agency AVENIR in 2017 and then (together with AVENIR) joining Jobs4Refugees in 2019.