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In our rapidly urbanising nation, from production to processing and distribution to disposal, our cities are littered with examples of how not to do it.


We support people with big ideas to make a change, and to find solutions to these problems.


Feeding the City, powered by Bank of America, is a 6-month incubation programme to support people who are passionate about creating sustainable food-related businesses that benefit urban communities and our environment.


Read the press release featuring the announcement of the winning teams here.

The Teams

Join the virtual Demo Day at 16:00 on Thursday 3rd December 2020 to meet the teams.

Sign up now to secure your spot.


ARC Farms – PlattenBaum

Roots Radicals – SuperCoop – Tiny Farms

The Programme

Feeding the City is a Germany-wide programme that supports teams to tackle a food-related problem in their community by starting a business. Each team receives:


Training and mentoring from Impact Hub Berlin’s consultants and partners

Expert Advice

Access to advice from food and business experts including Ackerdemia, Ackerpause, Conflictfood, Food Kompanions, Future Cooperative, Good Food Collective, Greentable, NX-Food & SPRK.global.

Boot Camp

A two-day online Boot Camp (August 5th-6th) to kick off the programme and refine your ideas and business models


A budget for coaching worth €1,000


Access to the Impact Hub global network of 100+ Hubs and over 16,000 members

Demo Day

The opportunity to pitch your project at a final Demo Day

Started by Impact Hub King’s Cross in London, 2018, Feeding the City now comes to Germany for the first time in 2020. Previous participants include Proof Bakery, an artisanal bakery training and employing refugee women, and tigermylk, a sustainably-packaged milk alternative. Find out more about the UK programme and read their detailed Impact Report.


Feeding the City Timeline

Who should apply?

We’re looking for teams who want to start a sustainable food business in Germany. The programme is designed for those aiming to develop an idea and start trading, or for those who have an established business and are looking to develop a new food-related aspect. You can find the full Terms & Conditions of entry here.

We welcome all qualified individuals from diverse professional, academic, and cultural backgrounds, regardless of gender, gender identity, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability.



Applications are now closed. Open questions? You’ll find our FAQ below and can read our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to common Frequently Asked Questions about our Feeding the City programme here. If you have any other questions, or for more information, please email Vera at feedingthecity@impacthub.berlin.

What are the selection criteria?

We’re looking for ideas that (1) are a good problem/solution Fit, have both (2) social impact and (3) business potential, (4) are market viable and (5) have a strong team. Read the Terms & Conditions for further detail on this.

I have already started trading – am I too far along to join Feeding the City?

Feeding the City is for entrepreneurs who are looking to start a sustainable food business. The programme is designed for groups aiming to develop an idea and start trading,  or for those who have an established business and are looking to develop a new food-related aspect. Because the goal of the programme is to help you refine your idea, we believe that people with an established food business would not benefit from the type of support we provide.

I don’t have a team – can I still apply to the programme?

The programme is designed for teams as we feel teams have the greatest chance at running a successful business. However we are open to accepting solo entrepreneurs. There is space on the application form to explain why you think you are an incredible team of one, and our programme manager Vera is happy to discuss potential options for solopreneurs or to help you to build your dream team. You are welcome to join our Ideation Workshop on June 16th, 2020 to introduce yourself and your idea – maybe you’ll find like-minded people to join you!

I have an idea but it’s not been fully refined yet. Can you help me refine it and see if it is viable?

Entrepreneurs applying to Feeding the City are all at different stages of starting up and we can help to refine and focus your idea. The first stage of our programme ‘Sprouting’, is about helping participants shape their ideas before developing and launching. However, it is important to keep in mind that we only pick five businesses to go into the ‘Growing’ and ‘Harvesting’ stages, and these will be the ones that we think are most likely to succeed.

I didn’t attend the Ideation Workshop, can I still apply?

Yes, absolutely!

We are a large team and can’t all attend the programme workshops. Can we still join the programme?

Our online workshops are highly valuable with great elements of peer learning. Therefore, we require at least one person (this can alternate within the team) per team to be present at the workshops.

Can I work or study at the same time as taking part in the programme?

Absolutely. We ask everyone to ensure that they have the capacity to attend our online Boot Camp on August 5th and 6th, 2020 and to work on their businesses for at least four to six hours per week to achieve certain milestones throughout the programme. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all workshops will take place online.

I have a disability / mental health difficulties, is this programme for me?

Yes. We welcome everyone to apply to our programme as long as they have an idea and the motivation to make it happen. Our only requirement is that you need to be able to attend our online workshops and to work on your business throughout the programme. We will try our hardest to accommodate any specific needs to help you meet the requirements. Reach out to us if you would like to discuss any needs you may have.

Does my idea have to have both an environmental and a social impact?

No, it can be either one but we would encourage you to think about how you could incorporate both. We can also help you further refine these aspects during the Ideation Workshop on June 16th and the Boot Camp on August 5th and 6th, 2020.

I don’t come from the community I am looking to serve, will my application still be accepted?

We want to support solutions that come from the heart of the community. However, we appreciate that some individuals will have strong connections with a community without being a part of it. For example, one of the teams from a previous cohort created a solution for individuals with learning disabilities and while not being directly from this community, they had worked as occupational therapists for 10+ years and therefore had insight into the difficulties experienced by this demographic.

I don’t speak German. May I still take part in the programme?

Yes, absolutely! The programme will take place in English and German. We will provide translations for the most important parts or whenever needed.

I don’t live in Germany. May I still take part in the programme?

Unfortunately, no. We require participants to be based in Germany. However, you do not have to hold a German passport.

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