Excited about being incited
8 November 2016 - Impact Hub Berlin


Over 40 potential change makers participated in our second round of Incitement on 1st November 2016. Leaving their Halloween fear in the past three courageous speakers inspired the crowd by their powerful speeches about what school doesn’t teach us.

Thanks to our host expert Robert the “thriving global movement” (www.theincitement.com) spread its magic in the Hub for the second time. Starting off with an introductory poem, Robert surprised the participants with little creative elements throughout the whole evening.


The first inciter, Florian Hager (founder of “Meinwerdung – Thrive Coaching” and organiser of the Meetup Group “Learning for Life”), focused within his performance on how tacit knowledge and implicit learning can be used in life. Conducting a little experiment with the audience Florian demonstrated in a playful way how to relax our conscious mind while finding more balance within ourselves.


Björn Lefers (Filmmaker, User Experience Designer and Instructional Designer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law), the second inciter, is convinced that the current educational system is outdated. The United Nations defined a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all, hence, 21st century skills are required in order to solve these global challenges. Björn developed a blended learning concept that allows students to be prepared for today’s demanded jobs by combining the advantages of online learning with the advantages of classroom learning. They are launching this project for the first time at the Berlin School of Economics and Law within the Bachelor course ‘Business Administration’.


The last inciter, Annika Päutz (Empowerment Trainer and Coach), emphasised the significance of empathy. “Empathy is a social and emotional skill that helps us feel and understand the emotions, circumstances, intentions, thoughts, and needs of others, such that we can offer sensitive, perceptive, and appropriate communication and support” (Karla McLaren). Annika explained in a convincing way that the different stages of empathy occur in our everyday life and that only when understanding one another, harmony within societies is given. With her eye contact experiment she proved that sometimes there are not even words needed for that.


Apparently, there are a lot of skills that school doesn’t teach us. Nowadays’ challenges differ from the ones decades ago. Maybe it is time to revolutionise our current school system, maybe it is time to prioritise differently. But as one of the participants interposed: Do we really need to learn everything at school? Some things need to be taught, some things need to be experienced and maybe some things just need to be drawn attention to. In whatever way the school system is going to develop, the most important thing we have learned is that these virtues have to be lived both within and outside of school.

Thank you to everyone being involved in this inspirational evening!


Thank you Jana for your posting this on our Blog!