Samsung for Impact is an accelerator programme for early- to growth-stage tech startups that address social and environmental challenges with technical solutions using a sustainable, profitable business model.


During an intensive coaching phase, Samsung, Impact Hub Berlin as implementation partner, and the Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland (SEND) accompany the participating startup teams in an individual growth project.


The programme offers knowledge transfer and strategic support, and provides access to targeted experts, business consultants and partners. The goal is for the teams to reach their next milestone within the six-month period so that they can develop their full social impact.


Running time: February – July 2020

Financial support after qualifying for the programme

Programme kick-off at a two-day Boot Camp in Berlin

Individual coaching and targeted knowledge transfer

Access to experts, business consultants and partners

Impact Hub Berlin membership for one year and access to the global Impact Hub network

Individual communication and PR support

CAREcules: A transporter robot developed to assist the elderly or people with disabilities.Fimo: A data-driven, machine-learning app helping people to deal with fatigue.Perto: An energy service provider supporting the replacement of inefficient heating pumps.Stabl: A modular battery inverter aiming to fundamentally improve battery storage systems.Participation in the Samsung for Impact programme does not involve permanent association with Samsung. Startups remain independent and do not give up company shares.