Better Business Model Workshop @ Impact Hub Berlin
2 September 2015 - Impact Hub Berlin

The term “business model” is a tricky one: everyone think they know what it means, but few could

pinpoint the essential elements of one (not to mention constructing a “better” one). The matter

becomes even trickier when it comes to business with a social impact – how can one ensure both social

and economic value generations are aligned and complement each other through business model


Under the guidance of Frederike Beha, participants from five different countries gathered on 25th August

and learnt about aspects of a business model, and how to make it better. Having been introduced to the

value propositions of brands such as Warby Parker & Airbnb, participants defined their own with

reference to different customer groups. They were further equipped with different business model

patterns to challenge and improve their initial ideas. At the end of the workshop, three business models

targeting at refugees, food education and feel-good work environment were generated. Participants

also left with an outlook of what next steps to take.

Got an awesome idea for a social business and need some inspiration to bring it to life? Get inspired on or write a message to [email protected] to join the community and stay

informed about future events.


Prepared by Maxime Cheng

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