2016 – A rhyme review
14 December 2016 - Impact Hub Berlin

2016 – A rhyme review

To celebrate you and 2016 in all its glory,
Here a little Christmas story:
Once upon a time Santa Leon said: “Ho ho what’s up,
I think we should open an Impact Hub!”
Elves Nele and Anna were like “Yeah, why not?
And off they went scheming their plot
To empower all the great people that dare
Try to solve the wicked problems out there.
Soon they also brought Reindeer Vish on board
And sparkly locations were explored.
Quickly the crew grew bigger and more fantastic,
All together they sparked the magic!
An ecosystem of social innovators was created
Where we worked hard but also celebrated
Our successes and failures over wine and beer,
Here a glimpse of what we’ve achieved this year:
(We don’t want to bore you, so the rhyming will continue)
First of all, our amazing team grew:
Anna R., Clara, Flo and Vera now hub, too!
To make space for some weeks we chose to remove
Anna & Vish – to Indonesia & Agentina with FAB Move!
Our 180 amazing members bring us fame and glory,
Meet some of them by checking out their member story!
Here only some examples of what they’ve achieved:
High 5s to Civocracy & Teachsurfing for the funding you’ve received!
Jourvie won the Google Impact Challenge, wow!
And InternsGoPro are Ashoka Fellows now.
There are so many more Impact Hub success stories, you guys
Which we exchanged in Seattle at Unlikely Allies!
Our beautiful space also won the German Design Award,
We are so glad to have Margit & Kim on board!
The two also helped to make Kiezbett happen.
From now on you can all sleep in sustainable Betten!
We ran tons of cool programmes for our impact to grow
Including several of GIZ‘s Labs of Tomorrow.
Anna participated at the Biodiversity Camp in Peru
And we hosted the Finance For Change Bootcamp Vol I & II!
Our Safari leadership training introduced BMW to social innovation
where they experienced the power of resilience, purpose and collaboration!
Last but not least we launched F>>Lane together with SEA & Vodafone,
How many ventures empower women through tech leaves us mind-blown!

Thank you all for 2016!

impacthub berlin team